2018 APAN Star Awards Winners


Daum – Osen: Lee Byung Hun won the daesang for Mr Sunshine…Jung Hae In won 2 awards

1.[+614, -69] ‘Mr. Sunshine’ was seriously a good work, Congratulations Lee Byung Hun for receiving the daesang

2.[+282, -27] Lee Byung Hun-ssi, I sincerely congratulate you for winning the daesang. It was the first time that I was so immersed while watching a drama. I still can’t forget his realistic acting in the end. Mr Sunshine was the drama of my life and Yoo Jin Choi was the character of my life. Once again I congratulate you for winning the daesang

3.[+178, -12] Mr Sunshine~ Drama of the year~ Actors of the year^^

4.[+108, -5] It’s a pity that Kim Tae Ri won only the New Actress Award. It won’t be even enough if she won the best actress award…

5.[+101, -6] Wish actor from Mr Sunshine doesn’t deserve an award?…I feel bad that they didn’t win everything…even Dong Mae…what a pity..

6.[+95, -2] Congratulations but where is My Mister’s Lee Sun Gyun . .

7.[+93, -10] Eugene Choi! Congratulations on the award~^^♡ he got one step further as actor~~ I will always support you~^^

8.[+80, -2] Seriously Jung Kyung Ho is not there ㅡㅡ He seriously deserved to win

9.[+82, -8] Isn’t the daesang too obvious…Congratulations to Mr Sunshine team~^^

10.[+74, -0] There are a lot of Mr Sunshine actors who deserved an award, It’s a pity that they didn’t all win

11.[+61, -7] There is nothing for Jung Kyung Ho?

12.[+50, -0] The writer’s award…. Life… Secret Forest deserved the win but this time Writer Park Hae Young (My Mister)’s writing was much better .


▲ Grand Prize (Daesang): Lee Byung Hun – Mr. Sunshine

▲ Top Excellence Award Actor (Miniseries): Park Seo Joon – What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Top

▲ Excellence Award Actress (Miniseries): Lee Ji Eun (IU) – My Mister

▲ Top Excellence Award Actor (Long-length Drama): Lee Sang Woo – Marry Me Now

▲ Top Excellence Award Actress (Long-length Drama): Shin Hye Sun – My Golden Life

▲ Excellence Award Actor (Miniseries): Jung Hae In – Something in the Rain

▲ Excellence Award Actress (Miniseries): Go Ah Sung – Life on Mars

▲ Excellence Award Actor (Long-length Drama): Jang Seung Jo – Money Flower

▲ Excellence Award Actress (Long-length Drama): Jo Bo Ah – Goodbye to Goodbye

▲ Best Supporting Actor: Park Ho San – My Mister & Yoo Jae Myung – Life

▲ Best Supporting Actress: Kim Min Jung – Mr. Sunshine

▲ Best New Actor: Yang Se Jong – Temperature of Love & Jang Ki Yong – My Mister

▲ Best New Actress: Kim Tae Ri – Mr. Sunshine & Won Jin Ah – Just Between Lovers

▲ Popularity Award: Jung Hae In – Something in the Rain & Park Min Young – What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

▲ Best Screenwriter: Lee Soo Yeon – Life

▲ Global Star Award: Park Hae Jin