Abyss Review

The well hated show has finally come to an end. Is it still worth the pickup with all the hate?

tvN’s drama Abyss, opens with Cha Min (Ahn Se Ha) a “smart” CEO of a cosmetics company who died by an accident after trying to kill himself because his fiance called off their wedding saying she couldn’t bear to see his ugly face everyday. Our female lead is Go Se Yeon (Kim Sa Rang) a beautiful, sharp prosecutor that Min has been madly in love with since high school. She’s murdered in her home while investigating a serial killer case.

However, this isn’t the end of their lives. Cha Min is resurrected by a pair of futuristic grim reapers with a magical orb called ‘Abyss’. He wakes up as a whole new man, with a chiseled face and toned body (sadly no increase in brain size). The new Cha Min (Ahn Hyo Seop) is the owner of this marble and he can revive whoever he wants with it.

So of course after finding out about Se Yeon’s death, he rushes to her side and revives her. The new Go Se Yeon (Park Bo Young) is plain looking and tiny.

With their new looks, no one recognizes them. The pair go under the radar and got new identities, to search for Se Yeon’s murderer.

The Good:

  • The chemistry: Even if you think this was the worst drama of 2019, its hard to deny Park Bo Young and Ahn Hyo Seop’s chemistry. You can really feel the worry and adoration the characters have for each other. It feels like a true friends to lovers story.
  • The Murderer(s): I won’t reveal their names although it should be pretty obvious who is who by around episode 2. The first murderer plays his role beautifully. You can feel how crazy he is and I love it. It’s probably weird to favor the bad guys but they really were the only ones with working (although fucked up) brains.
  • Dong Cheol: If someone in this show was to get an MVP award it’d be Dong Cheol (Lee Shi Eon). He’s quirky, impulsive, and lovesick which provides comic relief, but he also gets down to business and helps the pair with the murder case.

The Bad:

  • The Police: I screamed at my computer more than what may be considered normal. These police officers are stupid. Honestly, where were they throughout the whole 16 episodes?? You hardly even see them and when you do it’s them letting a suspect loose, or letting someone infiltrate their squad. I get the force in this show is supposed to be corrupt and blind sighted, but this was a bit too much for me.
  • Logic: When I watch dramas I don’t expect much logic since they’re meant to be dramatic. But if you willingly go around defensively following serial killers, reviving serial killers, trusting someone who has said he is a serial killers several times…. That’s a bit too stupid.

My Rating:

Acting/Cast: 10
Story: 7
Music: 9
Overall: 8.6

This show isn’t great. It lacks logic for 70% of the show and the characters are described as ‘smart’ but make decisions that show the exact opposite. However it’s really not as bad as people are setting it up to be. I know a lot of people have issues with the whole ugly/pretty thing (especially for Bo Young) but really, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s a drama, it’s dramatic. I’m sure the directors didn’t look at Bo Young and go ‘Perfect! She’s hideous!’. If you’re hesitating to watch this show because of the bad rep Korean and international viewers are giving it, don’t let them stop you. Around episode 5 it starts picking up, while most of the people complain about dropping it from day 1. Give the show a few chances and you’ll definitely see some enjoyment in it among some of its poorer aspects.

Have you watched Abyss? Does it deserve all its bad rep?

Written by: @___suhny