Actor Choi Il Hwa admits to sexual harassment

Naver – sedaily: [Exclusive] Actor Choi Il Hwa “I admit to sexual harassment and I will pay for my mistakes” 

1. [+538, -6] This is seriously crazy, how many have been exposed in one day!

2. [+511, -8] It’s seriously harder to find someone who didn’t do it

3. [+398, -2] Please accept your punishment

4. [+358, -5] How many are there?…How many victims are made by these perpetrators, but how much these victims are in pain…

5. [+245, -4] What the f*ck

6. [+98, -0] Nobody ever wrote an article about it, but he confessed voluntarily. I think he know it would come out soon so he made his move first. #Metoo #I support all the victims. Keyboard Warriors Please don’t think of victims as a bug or as an easy person. The same thing for violence

7. [+87, -0] Veteran actors are almost disappearing

8. [+83, -0] Just don’t come out again, I don’t want to see a criminal’s face

9. [+80, -0] Didn’t I tell you? Only Hong Seok Cheon remains

10. [+84, -0] He must have been afraid ㅋㅋ

11. [+60, -0] It’s only a show to receive forgiveness