Actor Choi Yong Min issued a public apology and admits to sexual assault accusation

Naver – sportsworldi: Actor Choi Yong Min officially apologize “I want use an excuse…It’s my fault”

1. [+5416, -23] This time let’s properly clean the entertainment industry, so things like this won’t ever happen again

2. [+4515, -39] There is no end~~~ Does the place make the person?…Do all the professors become like this?

3. [+3762, -47] Do you think apologizing will end everything? The victim with live with terrible memories forever

4. [+1659, -21] Ugh!!

5. [+292, -0] Middle age male actors will be rare soon. The ones who were exposed by the ‘Me too’ movement are all middle age actors

6. [+264, -1] Don’t just apologize…You need to surrender…

7. [+188, -1] Don’t show yourself in Korea again!!!!

8. [+165, -2] Go to prison

9. [+158, -0] This is the first time I see his name…

10. [+143, -0] What’s wrong with everyone? ㅜㅜ It’s getting really scary now…