Age Of Youth plans to come back with a season 2 this summer

Naver – Osen: “All in one”…’Age of Youth’, Hope for season 2
1. [+282, -20] I really enjoyed watching the drama, cheering for season 2
2. [+187, -19] I was disappointed at the rating last time but people’s reaction was good around me. Let’s make season 2
3. [+161, -16] I watched season 1 after it was over, We have to make a season 2
4. [+127, -15] I cried and laugh alot while watching age of youth ㅠㅠ Really the drama of my life ㅠㅠ a well made drama that sympathies with everything and touched my heart❤Thank you for making a season 2! Let’s go back to Belle Epoque…❤
5. [+85, -15] I would like to proceed with the original member!
6. [+12, -1] The members of  Ages of youth are allies. You must keep the members first. Everyone acted their own character really well..If someone falls, it will be missing…Especially Kang Yi Na’s character was awesome.
7. [+12, -3] I really enjoyed watching season 1 with alot of strength, let’s go with season 2~ I have to watch the broadcast

8. [+14, -3] It was a drama that was so realistic and sympathetic, If you are in your 20s you would really enjoy watching this
9. [+7, -1] There is no drama that tells the reality about being in your 20s, Age of youth has rescues the thirst. When Han Ye ri’s character cried, i cried with her, and when kang unnie decided to live a new life, i was so happy for her, park hye so’s character was really timid, there is no missing character, every character was so alive.
10. [+4, -0] I had a lot of empathy and i really enjoyed watching the drama, please make a season 2 ㅠㅠㅠ