Ailee on Sketchbook

Naver – Xports News: ‘Sketchbook’ Ailee, “Are you Ost Queen? I’m not a queen but a princess”

1. [+921, -28] Honestly, isn’t Ailee one of the top 3 solo singers…One of the real vocal talents

2. [+627, -17] She sang the song really well

3. [+576, -43] She is Baek Ji Young successor

4. [+455, -19] Next generation OST Queen

5. [+340, -23] What’s wrong with Ailee’s pants? ㅠㅠ She is pretty without the need of wearing something short…

6. [+80, -2] Rather then Don’t touch me and songs about leaving her boyfriend, Ballad and emotional songs help her shows her true colors just like I will show you. I sincerely love Ailee Ice Flower – Ywang OST

7. [+63, -3] I really like the ost Tears Stole the heart of Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eun’s previous drama Secret

8. [+73, -9] Ailee Please avoid MC Mong. Don’t feature in any of his songs. Why do you want to damage yourself…

9. [+53, -3] Tears Stole the Heart and Ice Flower are totally classic