Cheese In The Trap gets good reviews on it premier day

10/10: The sync was good and It’s a shame that some episodes were missing but they packed the webtoon well in 2 hours. It was well-made^^ Good~
9/10: Overall, it was a movie that I wasn’t satisfied with, but the characters’ sync was better than the drama…I’d like to say thank you to the actors and stuffs who have suffered from making this film and the drama
10/10: The main characters were so good at acting and It lived up to the original work. I enjoyed watching it^^ You won’t regret watching it and you will find it fun^^!
10/10: It was a little disappointing how they put the content of the long webtoon in the movie…But i felt that they did their best…The actors’s sync is daebak!! Park Hae Jin is the best Yoo Jung sunbae♡
10/10: I now know why the sync is so important. It’s was a fun movie 
10/10: If It was longer how it would have been? It’s a shame
10/10: It was better than I thought. It’s fun and good
10/10: It lived up to the original work’s feelings ㅎㅎ
10/10: Now I can sleep well ㅎㅎ The movie was a success!
10/10: The frustration that I felt from the drama has went down ^^
10/10: The actors were perfect ㅋㅋ
5/10: How is Oh Yeon Seo the female lead…I just can’t see her as an innocent college student…-_-;
8/10: It was good to divide the content of a huge webtoon into chapters. If you don’t know the webtoon or the drama, you can watch it comfortably. As expected, Park Hae Jin is Yoo Jung and Oh Yeon Seo looks so pretty
10/10: It seemed to be faithful to the original webtoon. The movie had followed the webtoon’s episodes. It doesn’t have any sense of distraction. overall, It was good. The actors’ acting and sync has done everything. I was more fascinated because It was loyal to the original’s thriller. 
10/10: I watched it with a lot of immersion~
10/10: I enjoyed watching it so much. It looked better than the one who has aired on tv~
10/10: It was fun
5/10: It was boring. It was good seeing their visuals but I felt like 2 hours were too long. the content is also plain
10/10: It was more fun than I expected .^^
6/10: The cast match the characters’ webtoon especially Oh Yeon Seo…but Yoo Jung looked like an ajusshi..ㅠ
The movie is #3 at the box office with 38.818 admissions!