Cheese In The Trap movie releases main poster

Naver – isplus.joins: Park Hae Jin x Oh Yeon Seo, ‘Cheese In The Trap’ poster has been revealed, Sweet thriller Romance

1. [+4858, -170] Seol-ah~ The sync is really daebak

2. [+3675, -156] I got goosebumps looking at the main characters’ visuals! The sync is 100%

3. [+2518, -128] I hope it’s a sweet, thriller romance…

4. [+2027, -126] I will watch ‘Cheese In The Trap’~~ I hope it hits daebak!!!

5. [+1713, -109] It’s much better than a simple romance

6. [+1075, -109] The sync is the best ㅎㄷㄷ Oh Yeon Seo would have been perfect for the drama

7. [+787, -67] This time Seol have won in 2D!! Looking forward to Yoo Jung and Seol

8. [+606, -58] There is no one like Yoo Jung Sunbae in universities, I could only meet him in theater in March 14th at CGV~

9. [+603, -58] They totally look-a-like waw

10. [+561, -61] Daebak, the sync is 200%