Clean actresses with “NO Anti”

Naver – Osen: Park Bo Young · Park Shin Hye · Kim Ji Won · Nam Ji Hyun, Clean actresses with “NO Anti”

1. [+105, -16] Shin Hye-ah! I miss you so much…Haven’t you choose your next work yet? Please show us your face a lot…ok?

2. [+103, -17] It’s nice to see some news about Shin Hye~ㅎ.ㅎI want to see you soon in a drama, I’m always supporting you

3. [+73, -8] I admit it.

4. [+104, -19] Our Shin Hye is the best

5. [+94, -17] I really want to see Shin Hye in a drama. An actress who walks only on flower path~♡

6. [+31, -5] Shin Hye let’s hit daebak with your next work and let’s walk only on flower path

7. [+60, -16] Shin Hye who always has a beautiful smile, Fighting!! Let’s always be happy~~

8. [+76, -22] Park Shin Hye is the best♡♡♡♡♡♡

9. [+51, -14] I want to see Park Shin Hye in a drama ㅋㅋ

10. [+44, -12] I’m always waiting for some Park Shin Hye’s news, waiting to hear some good news !! Park Shin Hye fighting !