Hua Jai Sila Review: A Must Watch

Trauma from a painful past remains when one is unable to put to rest the horror of the past. It is easy to say that one must let go of the past. Unfortunately, the actions of forgetting and forgiving are much more difficult. 

Hua Jai Sila is the story about a boy name Tor who was mistreated by his stepmother. He ultimately drowns from said abuse. Tor miraculously survives but is considered dead by his family. He comes back years later, under the name Sila, to seek revenge on those who hurt him. 

Sila is a complex character who moves by the justice that he deserves. He is a broken man with a very tender heart. Thanks to the amazing acting of Thanapob Leeluttanakajorn, viewers are given a phenomenal portrayal of a very difficult character. Sila is not moved by evil, but rather by his perception of justice. Although he is ruthless to those who hurt him, he is kindhearted to others and especially to those he loves. 

The love story between Sila and Mintra goes back to their childhood days. In the present time, Mintra is more than just a lover to Sila. She is the light to every darkness within Sila’s dark heart. 

Hua Jai Sila might seem like a typical revenge plot with an embedded love story. However, it portrays the extent to which happiness and love plays a role in our actions. Sitha, Sila’s stepmother, is willing to sacrifice everything and do anything to reach her sense of perfect happiness. 

Ultimately, Hua Jai Sila is filled with strong portrayal of familial love, romantic love, loyalty, and friendship. The drama gives us hope that good overcomes evil and that happiness will blossom. It is the perfect blend of darkness, suffering, love, and happiness. 

The drama would be higher on my list of dramas if the amount of wrist grabbing and pushing women around was at a minimum. Nonetheless, the drama is definietly a good watch. 

And finally, Hua Jai Sila miraculously does something that dramas tend to struggle with accomplishing, it gave us a very satisfying (and CUTE) ending! 

My Rating:

Overall: 9/10
Story: 8/10
Acting: 8/10

Written by: @zakia313