[instiz] The idol that filmed too many films



From 2014~till now, he has filmed 8 films




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– As expected…I thought it was DO before i entered (the post)…but did he grow out his hair..?

↳ Yes!!!!

– That means his acting is that good

– I support your acting and idol activities…My ideal type…

– Because he is good at acting…And it’s so nice that each character doesn’t remind you of another which I find it so cool

– But his acting is so good, he is not awkward and so natural

– I liked the movie Cart

– He is so good at acting

– abe0ed66c4c4eca6c19d4170c1a74425.jpg  Kyung Soo-ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– All his roles are varied, they are all new and fun