IU’s October comeback + Starring in her first movie


Naver – heraldpop: IU’s October comeback + Starring in her first movie…A special ’10th Anniversary’

1.[+504, -58] She is really working hard this year!!! take care of your health

2.[+238, -23] I’m so looking forward to it ㅠㅠ IU fighting!

3.[+177, -24] IU congratulations on your 10th anniversary, do everything you wanted to do!

4.[+120, -18] She is really the best

5.[+33, -2] She is starting with a short film! IU is doing well~

6.[+24, -1] I hope IU will always have good days only

7.[+20, -0] I want to watch IU’s acting in My Mister again…

8.[+16, -2] Singer IU and actress Lee Ji Eun, Both of you fighting♥

9.[+15, -1] I will always support hard-working IU