Kim Sang Joong’s brilliant life history

Naver – Osen: Detective → ‘The Its Know’ ahjussi → Amogae…Kim Sang Joong’s brilliant life history

1. [+560, -11] I want to see Bad Guys season 2

2. [+498, -13] I was attracted to him because of Amogae~ ㅎ

3. [+473, -12] All the people around me cried without any words when Amogae died! I applaud for Actor Kim Sang Joong for showing us his good acting!!!

4. [+395, -10] I watched Rebel because of Kim Sang Joong

5. [+65, -1] It’s been already 9 years since the start of ‘The Its Know’. If only he continue for a long time…

6. [+80, -8] Amogae’s acting was the best!! He deliverer every word and every line really well

7. [+59, -2] His acting is really good, i was immersed all the time. Amogae you have worked really hard~~~

8. [+55, -1] All actors in ‘Rebel’ are so good at acting

9. [+50, -4] Father~~~ You have suffered a lot~~~ You really have suffered a lot