Kim Yoo Jung’s drama ‘Clean with Passion For Now’ pushes their broadcast date from April to second half of the year

Naver – tv Report: Kim Yoo Jung has thyroid function deterioration…’Clean with passion for now’ pushes the broadcast from April → second half of the year

1. [+716, -28] Get well soon♡

2. [+519, -25] Hul..ㅠ Get well soon…

3. [+464, -22] Hul…Yoo Jung-ah, don’t get sick..

4. [+360, -18] I want to see you healthy in the drama soon!! Don’t get sick!! ㅠㅠ

5. [+98, -7] Aigoo ㅠ If you have thyroid problem, you won’t be able to talk and your body gets tired, she is still young so I hope she recovers fast!!

6. [+82, -5] It’s good to always see her smile…Take care of your health first…

7. [+77, -4] Get well soon~~~ㅠㅠ

8. [+72, -4] Yoo Jung stay strong and fighting!

9. [+67, -5] Noona get well soon ㅠ and don’t get sick

10. [+62, -8] It’s cool how the drama is willing to wait for her until she recovers. Get well soon and show us your smile again