Ko Hyun Jung’s current condition

Naver – Osen: Yoon Jimin, Ko Hyun Jung’s current condition “Holding her body from the shock”

Actress Yoon Jimin posted a picture of Ko Hyun-jung’s current situation
On February 10th Yoon Jimin posted a pircture on her instagram with a caption “I wish there was something like a sponge. When this unnie gets in a shock, she always hold her body”

1. [+26092, -2166] Ko Hyun Jung doesn’t look good ㅜㅜ At first, I thought that Ko Hyun Jung didn’t want to say anything so she doesn’t hurt the staff and the actors but how could they let something like this happen to their sunbae? For reference, Seong Dong Il said that Ko Hyun Jung hates to make the others suffer, that’s why she is the biggest victim of that PD ㅜㅜ The PD doesn’t only need to get off the drama but to get fired forever

2. [+21035, -1343] Ko Hyun Jung, stay strong~!! I hope everything works off. Don’t get sick and stay healthy~!!!

3. [+18957, -1103] I hope you get other good project~ Usually good things come after the bad things. Fighting!!!

4. [+12168, -679] Originally, that PD seems to slap the other actors. He couldn’t do that to Ko Hyun Jung…ㄷㄷ It’s scary

5. [+4762, -173] Ko Hyun Jung stopped the PD from slapping an actor and that was the assault, are the stuff even humans!

6. [+4545, -192] PD, get off. Sbs should take care of it

7. [+4454, -220] Ko Hyun Jung unnie~~ Rather than works who are low like Return~ Please act in a better project~ Because of Ko Hyun Jung unnie I’m thinking about re-watching ‘The Great Queen Seondeok’, ‘Spring days’ and ‘Dear My Friends’~~^^

8. [+3801, -178] How hard was it for her? ㅜㅜ Those bad guys, that PD should apologize and get off ㅡㅡ

9. [+3606, -96] You didn’t even pay her and made her shot episode 7&8??!…

10. [+3576, -149] It’s amazing how the actress was able to hold it in all this time, PD what do you think about this?

11. [+3525, -124] Seriously, the staff should reflect on this. You used Ko Hyun Jung’s name for publicity, how could you be this low?…this is too much Sbs

12. [+2855, -119] Seriously Sbs…Can’t you see this? Fire that PD

13. [+2829, -132] You will get sued in the end ㅋ Without evidence all you did was writing articles…