Lee Bo Young will take Ji Sung’s place with her upcoming drama ‘Whisper’

Naver – tv Report: Even if Ji Sung leaves, Lee Bo Young will come…Daesang Couple

1. [+3814, -63] Both of them will attend the end of the year awards ㅎㅎ!!!

2. [+2423, -61] Really Looking forward to it~ Lee Bo Young is the best^^

3. [+2025, -61] Such a cool couple!! They are the best actors!!! Looking forward to it

4. [+244, -17] We will see both of them at the awards ceremony ㅋㅋ After marriage, they become a win-win couple ㅋㅋ

5. [+252, -26] I believe in Lee Bo Young and i will make sure to watch it, For me God’s gift – 14 days is the drama of my life

6. [+213, -16] I want to see you coming in together at the end of the year awards ceremony ~.~

7. [+158, -12] Lee Bo Young has already played the role of a lawyer before

8. [+164, -18] Lee Bo Young is acting was really good in God’s gift – 14 days ㅜㅜ I Can Hear Your Voice is the drama of my life and i love this two as a couple and as actors, Also Kill Me, Heal Me has become the 2nd drama of my life recently ㅜㅜㅜ Good luck for both of you!!!

9. [+158, -16] I’m a fan of Ji sung so i will naturally support Lee Bo Young

10. [+163, -20] Are you doing alternately for your baby? Such a good couple