Let’s Talk: What’s NetizenDrama watching this month? (April)

Hello beautiful people, How have you been? I’m back again with Let’s talk for this month, I really enjoyed talking and reading your comments on the last month post, even though i didn’t answer all of you but i swear i read all the comments 💕
As always before I start talking about my dramas, I want to thank all of you for your love and support, It really amaze me every time. After one month I have reached 3M viewers on my blog and 3K followers on Twitter (Follow me Here). I know i make a lot of mistakes but even with that you still support me and correct me with the nicest ways. I’m really thankful and i will always be. Thank you so much guys Xo
Now let’s stop talking about this and get into talking about drama 😍
(PS: I know my updates are slow this month but my holidays are over and i’m back to college and exams ūüôĀ Also you may notice that i watch a lot of drama but that’s bc i was in holidays and i had a lot of free time but for now, I’m having a hard time keeping up with them hihih)
I. The dramas i’m watching:

1. Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People 

I still can’t believe myself that I have reached 20 eps of this drama and still haven’t dropped it yet. I usually don’t watch dramas that are more than 20 eps or historical dramas but this one is totally different, It’s so intense and fun. There is no episode that i felt bored in it, Every episode add something new and fun to the story. I love Gil Dong’s character so much, He is not only strong but so smart, Yoon Gyun Sang is doing an amazing job portraying this character, He’s eye acting is seriously the best. I’m so happy that Gil Dong and Ga Ryung’s relationship has developed so much since last month, but every time i see them i keep remember the scene from the first episode, I truly hope it’s a happy ending for them. I’m excited for how the brothers will help each other out from now on but how will Gil Dong escape the palace? Will Nok Soo help him? or will he make a plan on his own? Also, why couldn’t Uh Ri Ni remember Gil Dong? I mean it’s been only 3 years since she didn’t see him, did she already forgot about him!?
2. Tunnel

Still don’t get why netizens are comparing this drama to Signal!! I mean it’s totally different and it’s totally fun. I knew I’m really hooked after watching last week’s eps, they were definitly more fun than the first week. The story development is really interesting, there are still a lot of mystery and unanswered questions. I’m thankful that Choi Jin Hyuk choose this drama for his comeback, His character is really diffrent from what he used to play, It’s funny, serious and cute hahah. Totally looking forward to see the team starting to get more close to each other and understand each other better, Also i want to know more about N’s character which he is Park Gwang Ho ’88, Is he the lead’s son? or is it a coincidence that they have the same name? Which i don’t think so since the killer is after him…but…i don’t know hahah
3. Whisper

I was seriously about to drop this drama but after episode 3’s ending and episode 4, the drama got more and more fun. I was feeling frustrating because Lee Sang Yoon’s charecter is so pitiful and frustrating, Also I get that Lee Bo Young’s character wanting too bad to get her father out, but she was so bossy and pushing around that made me feel more sorry for Lee Sang Yoon. But thankful now and hopefully they start trusting and leaning on each other more. Park Se Young’s so annoying, I don’t ¬†know if it’s her character or her acting it’s just i feel annoyed every time she comes up on screen. I have nothing to say about Kwon Yul’s character except i hope he dies in the end hahaha. I don’t know if i will be watching this drama till the end but i will definitely give her a lot of chances since i love the leads.

4. Father is Strange

I was hesitating to watch this drama since it has 50 eps, but i saw a lot of good reviews about it and it has a lot of my favorite actors so i gave it a try and i’m hooked, I remember watching 6 eps in one day, the story and the characters are so interesting and fun. I love how each character has it own charm and story and the development is really not boring at all at least until now. I really hope the story doesn’t get boring and i’m sure will finish this family drama ^^
5. Radiant Office

This drama is definitely my favorite at the moment, It makes me cry, smile, laugh and so heart fluttering. It’s a realistic drama but has some good comedy. I’m in love with each character but of course Eun Do Jang are my favorite trio and i decided to keep watching this drama because of them. Even though i prefer Lee Dong Hwi’s character more than Hoya’s because I feel like he really cares for Eun Ho Won and he really wants the best for her but the other is all for his self, I mean i don’t blame him since his mom is so tough and hard on him but still…I used to Ship Eun Ho Won with the doctor and still kinda am but his character is getting scarier hahaha i feel like he will turns out to be an evil one but his face makes you forget everything (SO HANDSOME😍). At first, I thought Ha Seok Jin’s character is similar to his jerk character in Drinking solo and 1% of something but no it was a little different, He is more sweet and cute in this one, He is really carrying as a boss.
6. Queen of Mystery

Yesterday, I had 2 hours between classes so i decided to give this drama a try. The first episode was a little messed up, The characters, the story, everything was all over the place i just didn’t liked that much but the second episode was a lot better, maybe because i started to understand more the character plus the leads have finally met and the chemistry between them is so goood!! The story is interesting and kind of fun, I will have to watch more to judge it better but for now I will sure keep watching it ^^

II. Dramas that i have dropped:
1. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: If you read last month’s post you will see that I’ve said that this is my favorite drama but unfortunately i couldn’t hand it, It got so boring, there is no excitement, I love the leads and all but i just can’t finished. I will maybe watch the last 2 eps to see how it ended.
2. The Liar and His Love: Netizens always comment about how beautiful is Joy in this drama but I’m sorry i just can’t see it. Her acting is so awkward don’t get me wrong, i’m a fan of Red Velvet and i do love Joy but not in this drama. I watched the 2 first eps and half of the third ep and i just stopped. Maybe if i was 15/16 years old i would have liked it but it’s not my type anymore. Plus, I was really disappointed in Lee Hyun Woo, I don’t know if it’s because of the character or his acting but he also looked so awkward.

III. The drama that airs this month and i’m looking forward to it:

(Queen of Mystery has aired this month but since i have already seen it and talked about let’s move to the others hahaa)
1. Chicago Typewriter

I’m excited and not excited at the same time for this drama. The drama has already aired today and i really don’t know if I’m going to watch it or not. I like the lead not a big fan but i like them but the story is just so-so. I haven’t watched enough teasers to get me more excited so i will have to wait and see^^

Writers that lived under Japanese rule in the 1930’s are reincarnated into a bestselling writer who is in a slump, a mysterious ghostwriter and an anti-fan of the bestselling writer.

2. My Secret Romance

I think this is the first time OCN makes a romantic drama. I trust OCN when it comes to their dramas so i’m gonna trust them with this one and watch it! I like Sung Hoon but i’m a little scared of Song Ji Eun’s acting. I hope it will be a fun drama, totally looking forward to it!^^

Cha Jin-Wook (Sung Hoon) is a son from a wealthy family. His family runs a large company. Cha Jin-Wook only pursues short term love. He meets Lee Yoo-Mi (Song Ji-Eun) and changes. Lee Yoo-Mi has never had a boyfriend before.

3. Man to Man:

Since the day they have announced about this drama I got excited but after watching all the teaser, It’s just I have to watch it. I mean it has Park Hae Jin and Park Sung Woong, how can i not watch it? I’m soo looking forward to it and to their bromance 😍
Drama series tells the story of a popular actor (Park Sung-Woong) and his bodyguard (Park Hae-Jin).
IV. Variety Shows:

Unfortunately after New Journey To The West 3 has ended, I didn’t watch any other shows. I don’t know if i was that busy or I’m just not in a mood for varieties.

So yes guys, i think this is it for this month, If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments. Also don’t forget to tell me which drama/Variety shows are you watching and which drama are you looking forward to watch this month.

See you guys in the comments section 💕

– NetizenDrama