Let’s Talk: What’s NetizenDrama watching this month? (March)

Hello beautiful people, How have you been? I’m back again with Let’s talk for this month^^
I’m watching to many dramas recently so I have a lot to talk about (hahaha)

But first I wanted to tell you something, I’m really thankful for your support and for your comments on each post which I sincerly enjoying reading, Also I wanted to say that If I’m sometimes not active that’s because of my studies that’s why I also sometimes translate some articles later.

But anyways, let’s not waste time and Let’s get into talking 😍

I. Dramas that i’m watching:

(t/n: I really didn’t know that I’m watching this much dramas (Hahaha). No wonder I’m having a hard time trying to catch up with all of them Hahah)

1. Radio Romance: 

You may be surprised that i haven’t dropped this drama yet..well I’m surprised as well (hahaha)…to be honest the story is predicted, can be childish and it lacks so much but the chemistry between the leads is just AMAZING. I seriously can’t bring myself to drop this drama because of them. The whole cast is doing an amazing job portraying their characters but unfortunately the writer isn’t doing any good job at telling the story…some episodes may seem repetitive and the drama is about to end but we still don’t know much about what really happened in the past..At this point I’m definitely sticking around till the end but let’s hope the writer wrap things up properly.

2. Return

This drama was one of my favorites but i felt that the story went down the hill after changing the female lead, don’t get me wrong I don’t mean that this is the actress’ fault but the writer’s. how can she changed the story to something unbelievable? Did she forgot the drama’s pilot? the story is about a detective and a lawyer that solve the case together and not about a lawyer that turns out to be the killer!! The only reason I keep watching this drama is just to see the end of all this mess…I’m really curious about how she will wrap things up…But sometimes I think about dropping it because somethings don’t even make sense…

3. Eulachacha Waikiki 

OH MY!! THIS DRAMA IS A MUST WATCH!!! I don’t think I ever laughed as much as watching this drama..each episode has a different story with a message at the end and of course with so much funny scenes in the middle (Hahaha). This drama deserves a much higher rating because it’s just PERFECT, from the story to acting to cinematography. PLEASE WATCH IT!! *spoilers* I’m so happy that Dong Goo finally confessed to Yoon Ah but I have a feeling that she will miss understand him since he actually said I like (it) and not (you), I have a feeling that she will think that he is talking about movies and directing and not about her….which if this turns out to be true It will seriously break my heart…Please let’s them be together soon…

4. Cross 

It’s a shame what happen to this drama, It was also my favorite of the year but that garbage (Cho Jae Hyun) ruined it for me. In latest episodes you can see how the stuff worked hard to edit him out and only show him in full shots…I was concentrating on that so much to the point I sometimes forget to read the subs or follow the story (hahaha). *Spoilers* Thankfully they killed his character after a long wait…even with his scandal the story is still solid and promising, I’m so looking forward to what will happen now and how things will go in the last 4 episodes 😍 PS: Go Kyung Pyo is so handsome and such a good actor, I’m really glad he choose this role ❤

5. Misty:

MY FAVORITE DRAMA AT THE MOMENT!! Kim Nam Joo is nailing her character. she is such a strong character that we needed in dramaland. BUT i’m a little disappointed at how things turned out in the latest episode. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the drama or anything Its just I find it weird how Hye Ran and Han Ji Woo suddenly become friends after all what happened between them, also shouldn’t Hye Ran apology for what she have done to her!! in one episode they were fighting and in the other they become close and started protecting each other! Other than this, the drama is really fun and interesting. I still feel sorry for Ji Jin Hee’s character (her husband) but I also find him suspicious  anyways i’m looking forward to see how things will go!

6. Queen of Mystery 2 

YES!! FINALLY!! MY FAV ARE BACK!! while watching the first episode I couldn’t believe my eyes that I’m finally seeing these two again!! and OH MY GOD this season is much more fun than the previous one. so far I’m enjoying the cases and as always they are so realistic especially the last case! The thing I like but I sometimes don’t like (Hahaha) they are focusing more on romance on this season. It’s not that I don’t ship the leads (You can check my twitter I always talk about how the writer is playing with our heart) BUT i don’t want it to be the main thing of the story if that make sense!! Also please don’t make them have a love triangle with Lee Da Hee, I feel that will seriously ruin everything. But at the same time I’m so curious about Lee Da Hee’s character, I also feel that she is the one who got the ring on behalf of our ajumma… Anymays, I’m really having a lot of fun watching this drama ❤

7. My husband Oh Jak Doo:

I’m not sure if I will stick with this drama till the end, It’s doesn’t have the best story ever but It’s good enough to make you look forward to next episodes. Kim Kang woo is so handsome and his character is really cute, I’m honestly watching this for him. For Uee, she looks good, also her acting was good but I always have something with her pronunciation which I find a little annoying. But I will watch a couple more episodes to see if it deserves my time or not.

8. Grand Prince: 

I’m not a fan of sageuk dramas but after watching my fav drama of last year a.k.a ‘Rebel’ I decided to give sageuk dramas a chance but most importantly I missed seeing Yoon Si Yoon in a drama (Haha). The first 2 episodes were fun, yes the drama seems low budget but Yoon Si Yoon and Joo Sang Wook are saving it with their amazing acting. I knowledge Jin Se Yun’s beauty but i just cant bring myself to like her acting I honestly don’t get why she is always the lead, she seriously lacks a lot…Same think for this drama I don’t know if i will stick around but I have to watch more episodes and see whether it’s worth it or not!

9. Should We Kiss First:

This was my least looking forward to drama but now its one of my fav 😍 I was afraid that the drama will be an adult melodrama but OH MY GOD I was surprised with it content…the drama is so funny and the development is fun and interesting. Kim Sun Ah is the queen of comic and melo acting, she has a unique way of being funny. Kam Woo Sung looks hot even though he is a complete ajusshi (hahaha). This drama made me laugh, cry and It’s heart fluttering. It’s really perfect and I’m so looking forward to find the rest of their past also why does he keep saying that they shouldn’t be together? and is he really dying or what???

II. Dramas that i have dropped:

The only drama that I dropped and I dropped it after only watching 1 episode (Hahah) it’s Good Witch…Lee Da Hae did an amazing job acting 2 different characters but the drama is a little old-fashioned + it has 40 episodes which I don’t have time for that *sorry*

III. Dramas that air this month and i’m looking forward to it:

1. Live:

This drama has already aired it first episode last night but I haven’t watched it yet, also I think the subs aren’t even out yet but I’m really looking forward to it however I’m a little worried about Lee Kwang Soo, I really like him and I’m used to seeing him as a funny character in varieties, also when he acts I sometimes feel that He over-exaggerate!! But this drama’s story and cast seem promising and solid so I will definitely watched!!
Drama series contains the joy and sorrows of police officers at a precinct office. They try to uphold values in everyday life and maintain justice.

2. Great Seducer:

I like the casting, the story seems okay but JOY…don’t get me wrong, I really like Joy but as an idol, I seriously don’t like her acting and I hate the fact that she keeps getting lead roles rather than starting with supporting roles first…Still, I will watch the first episodes with an open-mind and judge her acting based of this drama and not her previous one..I’m really excited for Woo Doo Hwan and He finally got his first leading role so I hope nothing goes wrong…
Kwon Shi-Hyun (Woo Do-Hwan) bets his life on a dangerous game to seduce Eun Tae-Hee (Joy). His target is 20-years-old and believes people that are swayed by love are pathetic. After Eun Tae-Hee meets Kwon Shi-Hyun, her view on love changes.

3. A Poem A day:

I actually haven’t seen the teasers yet and I only read the pilot now (Hahaha) I’m just really excited for the cast especially the 2 male leads Jang Dong Yoon and Lee Joon Hyuk!!! I’m totally looking forward to it and hopefully it doesn’t disappoint!
Story follows a group of physical therapists, nurses, radiological technologists and trainees. Ye Jae-Wook works as a physical therapist and also teaches in the same field. He begins to work as a team leader at a hospital. Woo Bo-Young has been working as a physical therapist for 3 years. She wanted to become a poet, but due to her poor family background she studied to become a physical therapist. Shin Min-Ho is a trainee, but he isn’t interested in physical therapy. His grades weren’t good enough for medical school and his parents, who are both doctors, made him study physical therapy.

4. Pretty Noona Who buys Me Food:

Not only this is Jung Hae In’s first leading role but also Son Ye Jin’s comeback drama after 5 years!!!! How can I not watch this? I’m seriously counting the days, I just can’t wait for it!! Even If the story gets boring later on I will watch it till the end just for these two (Haha) But I really hope the story doesn’t disappoint (Hahah)
Yoon Jin-A (Son Ye-Jin) is a single woman in her 30’s. She works as a supervisor at a coffee company. Yoon Jin-A is an easygoing person, but she feels empty inside. Seo Joon-Hee (Jung Hae-In) is the younger brother of her best friend Seo Kyung-Sun. He comes back to South Korea after finishing work abroad. Yoon Jin-A though he was just a childish guy, but he appears different to her now.
5. My Mister (My ajusshi):

I’m so happy that the production team decided to replace Oh Dal Su with Kaist ajusshi (Park Ho San) which actually gave me another reason to watch this drama. I’m totally looking forward to it, the cast are solid and the story is promising as long as they keep their promise where there won’t be any love story between IU and Lee Sun Kyun…
A man (Lee Sun-Kyun) in his 40’s withstands the weight of life. A woman in her 20’s goes through different experiences, but also withstands the weight of her life. The man and woman get together to help each other.
Let’s Hold Hands Tightly and Watch The Sunset, Rich Family’s Son, Switch are also dramas that will air this month but unfortunately I’m not excited for and I don’t think I will be watching them.
IV. Dramas that I’ve finished watching this month + My rating (from 1 to 10):

1. Hwayugi:

Rating: 6/10
THIS DRAMA…THE ENDING…OH BOY…WHERE DO I EVEN START!!!…The drama started really good. The characters, the pilot, everything was fresh and exciting BUT as the drama goes as the story gets lost…The only reason I stick around was for the amazing cast and I was also looking forward to the ending…BUT OH MY GOD!!! WHAT THE…Do you call that an ending??!!! You had 20 episodes!! 20 damn episodes!!! but you ended the drama like that!!!!! The whole story was about the special human Jin Sun Mi and how she will save the world but what have she done!!? Also didn’t they say that Sam Jang needs to die for the world to be save again but even though she died nothing has changed!!!! Son Oh Gong did everything on his own!! he was the one who saved the world!!! To be honest I don’t even want to talk about episode 20, It was seriously the worst!!! Writer, did you really had to play that memory loss card?? really??? Ugh….I’m really still angry…I just still can’t believe it…To calm myself down I thought of episode 19 as the ending, I think It would have been better if they both died rather than that stupid memory loss thing….I gave this drama 6/10 for it cast but honestly I won’t recommend it to anyone expect for the people who are truly a fan of the cast…sorry if I wrote to much but I just couldn’t help myself…
V. Variety Shows:

As always I’m still watching ‘Master In The House’ and 1N2D which they are my favorite shows of all time and I sometimes watch ‘Knowing Bros’ depending on the guests!

So yes guys, i think this is it for this month, If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments. Also don’t forget to tell me which dramas/Variety shows are you watching and which drama are you looking forward to watch this month.

See you guys in the comments section 💕

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