Love Affairs In The Afternoon First Impression/Review

I was intrigued to watch this drama because of the hot posters and learning that it will be Lee Sang Yeob oppa’s first lead role. I loved him since The Innocent Man (Nice Guys) days. Since there is no other drama that turns me on after Her Private Life, I give this a try. So for the first episode it is not too bad. This drama is different and it is not your typical K-drama. First, it talks about infidelity between married people (which is kinda taboo for conservative South Koreans)! Later, only I know that this drama is a remake of a Japanese drama title Hirugao:Love Affair in the afternoon. Hence the different story-line.

The steamy poster that pulls me in

The drama tells the story of two women Son Ji Eun (Park Ha Sun) and Choi Soo Ah (Ye Ji Won) and their affairs.

Son Ji Eun is a 32 years old housewife and also a part timer at a neighbourhood supermarket. She has a modest manner and intorvert personality. Her husband is a public servant who loves birds way too much and never treated her as a wife or a woman. They loved in a sex-less marriage for 3 years and he calls her ‘Mom!’ Can you imagine how pitiful she is?

Choi Soo Ah is a 39 years old housewife who is married to an owner of a publishing company. She just move to a nice big house with a garden opposite Ji Eun’s apartment. From the outside, her life seems perfect. Having a lovely family with rich husband and two pretty girls. But, she has a secret life. She’s having a habitual secret affairs with different men (mostly younger) almost every evening.

Her husband just ignored her for sex for 3 years and treat her nothing more like his birds caretaker.
Soo Ah happy family that envied by others but it doesn’t fulfill her.

Then we have our 2 male leads, Yoon Jun Woo (Lee Sang Yeob) a 35 year old biology teacher who has been living alone in the suburb because his wife studied overseas. Seems like he is married to a rich girl where his in-laws wants to dictate how they should live. He loves nature and seems like he lives in a world of his own, studying nature.

Do Ha Yoon (Cho Dong Hyuk) is a struggling painter. He has a stressful life. He is being approach by Soo Ah’s husband to illustrate their new novel.  

This drama gets its title because Soo Ah will have her extra marital shenanigans from 3 to 5 pm just before her kids comes home from school. Coincidentally or not, Ji Eun’s shift always ends at 3pm and also it is the time Jung Woo comes back from school.

After I knew it is a remake, I did watch the first two episodes of Japanese version with skipping many parts. The adaptation do follow closely the original version with minor changes. For example instead of birds, the original version pets are hamsters. And Ji Eun’s counterpart character in the J dorama is more bubbly and bright. The animal lover in Japanese version also is not as platonic as the korean version. I guess, infidelity in Korean culture is still a taboo as compared to the more open minded Japanese, hence they must make the husband problematic to drive the naive and conservative female lead to have an affair.

From the first two episodes it is quite promising. Maybe because it is an adaptation you can feel the J-Drama vibes in it and it is different from K-Drama. I really want to know how will the writer and director adapt the affair issues into south korean community’s acceptance and how will each character’s justify themselves on why they cheat. I also looking forward on how will us the viewers accept or understand this kind of extra marital affairs.

What am I expecting of this drama is how they going to potray affairs. Will there be element of love or totally lust. And regarding their marriage, is it true there is no love left at all or there is something that drove their husbands behaving weird like how they are now. And of course I want to see if this premise will choose moral and marriage over love and happiness.

Acting wise, this drama has all experienced actors and actresses so I don’t think it’s going to be a problem. The only downside about this drama is, it’s so hard to find Eng Sub as it is not from a popular channel.

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