Member ‘N’ of a famous Korean band reportedly forced a girl to take off her clothes

Naver – isplus.joins: A  famous musician, drummer ‘N’ forced a girl to take off her clothes. Mee too movement have popped 

1. [+10539, -48] Please leave it on the main page and don’t take it down

2. [+6970, -67] It’s Nam goong, right?

3. [+6851, -95] He is not a doctor but a drummer, why would you take of your clothes??

4. [+6288, -52] Lately, things aren’t getting back to their sense ㅜㅜ wa…Celebrity fantasies are ruined and they don’t look good anymore…

5. [+5265, -57] There are a lot of garbage…

6. [+2098, -20] Who is the crazy writer?? You’re not even a doctor, who are you to tell her to stand naked?? This pervert bastard

7. [+1944, -7] Namgoong Yeon

8. [+1721, -12] Nam-ssi had a lot of rumors about him having affairs in the studio

9. [+1641, -13] This person has a lot of connection in the political world, he even made an election song…If I was a powerless person, and I wouldn’t known what to say either…Ah they are really rotten…Let’s send those perverts to mental hospital

10. [+1447, -6] ㅋㅋ Why do you take off your clothes when you are playing music?

11. [+1249, -8] A hairless musician?