Nana in talks to join Park Hae Jin in upcoming drama ‘Four Men’

Naver – Sports Donga: Nana, cast for the lead along side Park Hee Jin in ‘Four Man’…

1. [+1069, -169] Wow the casting is good, with Park Hae Jin their visuals is no joke

2. [+843, -128] It’s okay, You can look forward to it

3. [+703, -149] Looking forward to an amazing chemistry between Park Hae Jin and Nana!!!

4. [+484, -91] The casting is good, I hope ‘Four Man’ hits daebak

5. [+145, -22] She’s better than Uee

6. [+156, -30] It’s a fresh combination that you never imagined, their visuals seems good ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+111, -15] Park Hae Jin and Nana’s visuals makes them look they were born in the same year

8. [+93, -10] Her image as an actress is much better than Uee…so is the movie casting doing well?