Oh Dal Su confirmed to leave tvN’s upcoming drama ‘My Ajusshi’

Naver – sports.donga: Uhm Ji Young burst into tears…’My Ajusshi’ reps “Oh Dal Su will get off the drama”

1. [+25746, -200] The victim had to show her face for him to get off the drama…I’m afraid there will be another interview with another victim tomorrow, There are a lot of sexual harassment and rape in Korean

2. [+25064, -203] I support Uhm Ji Young’s courage!!! Oh-ssi, you should admit to this, step down from everything and apologize

3. [+17996, -132] He is really dirty

4. [+13795, -132] Goodbye! Let’s not see you again ^^

5. [+7954, -163] ‘Me too’ movement is a good movement. The unscrupulous act of destroying women’s dignity should definitely disappear. It’s annoying to see such men as sex offenders, acting all innocent

6. [+3858, -26] Uhm Ji Young-ssi, I applause for your true courage!

7. [+3524, -18] It’s dirty and he is still acting petty

8. [+3507, -22] The victim had to show her face for him to get off

9. [+3423, -19] Uhm Ji Young-ssi, thank you for your courage and for taking care of this garbage

10. [+2736, -12] I applause for your courage