One Spring Night (Episode 3-20) Thoughts/ Review

After posting my first impression about this drama i kept on watching it, because it got more interesting. The story itself is not only about the love story between Yoo Ji Ho and Lee Jeong In but also about both families and her sisters. I feel like, everyone in this drama has its own problem. And as the story keeps going, the characters development gets better.

Jeong In realize she likes Ji Ho, and decides to leave Gi Seok, however as a high prestige person he couldn’t handle the rejection. I don’t know if I’m right or not, but I believe Jeong In was really in love with Gi Seok long time ago. And what Gi Seok did to her back then, is what’s happening to him now. Because they kept repeating “I’m so sorry i used to…”

But, thank God, Ji Ho is a brave man, he fought for what he thinks he deserve. At first it was really intense, “what would happen if they got caught?” that question never left my mind when they still had a secret relationship, but the way they got caught was okay to me, it is not like Jeong In did something really bad, although it is still hurt Gi Seok.

To be honest, i really hate Gi Seok and feel sorry for him at the same time. He’s the type of man who doesn’t want to lose his pride, so he sometimes end up underestimate people, including Ji Ho because he is a single parent. And, the way he asked Jeong In to marry him didn’t have any ‘romantic vibes’ i would say, he seems to force her to marry him just because he didn’t want to lose in front of Ji Ho. “For her goodness” he said.

What i like about this couple is they didn’t want to rush things. They took it slow, because they know they still have a long way to go to achieve their happiness. Neither Ji Ho nor Jeong In act like a selfish person, because they know, what they did already cause chaos. They look so pure, and the way Ji Ho treat her is very gentle. You have to watch the drama to see their chemistry!! It’s really good. The plot, the emotion, and the characters development are so good.

While Gi Soek keeps fight for Jeong In to get back to him. Jeong In and Ji Hoo was in their lovey-dovey mode. And it was really cute! Ji Ho is the cutest!!! I hope both of them could make it to the end and have a happy ending. Because i know they still have a thousand problems to solve, for their own happy ending.

I felt like everyone in this drama is fighting for their own good. Jeong In fights for her happiness. Ji Ho for his love. Gi Seok for his pride. Jeong In’s older sister fight for her freedom. Her mother fight for her children’s happiness.

The highlight of this drama, is Jeong In’s sisters. Her older and young sister who support her and Ji Ho till the end. Unfortunately her father is an annoying father who wants her to marry Gi Seok for his own good. You should see him, because i really don’t know how to describe him, he is a total mood wrecker for the show for me.

What do you think of this drama so far?

My Rating: 8.5/10

Written by: @RereBS