One Spring Night First Impression/Review

The story consist of couple who i believe have a boring relationship, since there’s no spark between them from the beginning. And suddenly, in one afternoon she met a guy in the drug store. Who happens to be a pharmacist.

At first, i thought it will be such a ‘Something in The Rain’ because they have the same vibes. They even have similar soundtrack. But i still kept watching it because of Han Ji Min, and to be honest the drama really caught my attention from the beginning.

Lee Jeong In (Han Ji Min) has a boyfriend Kwon Gi Seok (Kim Joon Han). Jeong In is type of woman who stand up for herself no matter what ‘What she wants, she gets’ that is the first thing i thought about her. She often uses her logic more than using her feelings and she is also so straightforward. She had been dating Gi Seok for a few years, and Gi Seok asked her to marry him, but Jeong In is not in the state of wanting to marry him.

This is what I have been curious about all the time: I really want to know about their relationship in the past, why Jeong In doesn’t want to marry him, is it because of something that happened before? Or what?

And there’s also, Yoo Ji Ho (Jung Hae In), he is a pharmacist, and also a single parent (this fact kinda shocked me at first, but seeing Hae In with the kid melt my heart right away). There’s nothing unique about his character, he’s just an average guy and also straightforward about his feelings. But one thing for sure, he falls in love with Jeong In at first sight.

I’m still not sure about how this drama will go, Will Jeong In cheat on Gi Seok, or she will continue to just be friends with Ji-Ho? I saw in the next episode’s preview that Jeong In is in Ji Ho’s car. For me, i wouldn’t call her a cheater, since there’s no chemistry between her and Gi Seok, but yeah i don’t know the rest of the story yet.

I really enjoy this type of dramas where it makes me feel all their emotions. And also, good job writer-nim for making the dialogues really good, It makes me immersed into the drama.

Are you watching One Spring Night? What is your thoughts about this drama?

Written by: @RereBS