Park Bo Gum to guest SBS ‘Running Man’, airing on March 12

Naver – Star mt: [Exclusive] Park Bo Gum, re-appeared in ‘Running Man’ after 1 year…Looking forward to Bo Gum’s magic

1. [+2868, -148] Hul, if it’s Park Bo Gum then i will watch the broadcast!

2. [+2231, -123] We will see a moving Park Bo Young haha

3. [+1928, -123] Hul, Park Bo Gum, Daebak ㅜㅜㅜ Even though he will come out for a little time, looking forward to see him getting close with Kim Jong Kook

4. [+1688, -117] I will watch the broadcast

5. [+1611, -115] Hul, daebak, totally looking forward to it~~~~Bo Gum’s magic!!!!

6. [+462, -44] Park Bo Gum!!! I will watch the broadcast

7. [+448, -43] Hul!!! How much will he be coming out? I wish he comes out for a long time. Park Bo Gum i will watch the broadcast!! daebak

8. [+425, -44] Park Bo Gumㅠㅠ

9. [+416, -43] This is the best, Park Bo Gum is coming, Park Bo Gum hyung is really the best

10. [+402, -42] Ugh Bo Gum will come out~~~~ I have to watch it for sure