Park Hyung Sik might sign contract with United Artists Agency

Naver – Osen: [Exclusive] Park Hyung Sik, might be in the same agency with Song Hye Go and Yoo Ah In…Discussing the contract

1. [+3787, -116] Park Hyung Sik Choose a good agency and let’s walk on flower path !!

2. [+3596, -107] Park Hyung Sik playing as a heirs of an empire groupe is one of gods…I hope he finds a good agency and rice even more…Such a talented person

3. [+2997, -109] Park Hyung Sik is an actor now. Meet a good agency and be a good actor

4. [+2019, -83] Hul, i hope he choose a good agency and show us more of his acting!

5. [+753, -106] Wasn’t he a singer?

6. [+444, -20] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Just yesterday he was called “Baby Soldier” in real man but waw he really grow up so much

7. [+441, -33] I’m curious where he and Im Siwan will go. I’m sure both of them will settle down as actors, where ever they go, i’m sure they will do great

8. [+379, -32] I wish Park Hyung Sik and Im Siwan to get out of there really soon

9. [+308, -11] The agency plays an important role for the actor, Song Hye Go and Yoo Ah In are both top actors, but If Park Hyung Sik joins, he will learn a lot from his seniors and develop more

10. [+305, -25] I think Yoo Ah In has once praised Park Hyung Sik’s acting~ Anyways, i wish all the best for Park Hyung Sik!!!.