Park Jin Hee gets an offer to replace Ko Hyun Jung in ‘Return’

Naver – tv Report: [Exclusive] Park Jin Hee, will replace Ko Hyun Jung in ‘Return’ 

1. [+8107, -720] She needs to have a strong mental, anyone who is going to do this will get hate comments

2. [+7155, -554] Will it be a lightning war like this???? ㅋㅋㅋ Wa Ko Hyun Jung was milked properly

3. [+3872, -185] Park Jin Hee has confirmed!! That was fast

4. [+4640, -1047] Forget it…I won’t watch it

5. [+3587, -137] I saw an article saying that Park Jin Hee is pregnant…I think she can still film

6. [+2053, -117] They did the casting in one day…Was that possible?…um…You didn’t prepare this in advance?…She got off and did the casting all in one day…Is that possible?

7. [+2027, -186] I guess they have already decided. Why didn’t you do this in the first place rather than using Ko Hyun Jung?

8. [+1753, -149] Park Jin Hee’s acting and image are good…but why did she came in this while she knows she will get hate for it

9. [+1376, -80] Wasn’t she pregnant? Also it’s not good to participate in this drama

10. [+1327, -85] It does match her…But just minutes ago you said you will delete her character…what is the right thing?