Park Min Young still keeps in touch with “My Ear’s Candy” Partner Lee Jun Ki

Naver – Sports Donga: Park Min Young “Candy in my Ear’s healing, I still keep in touch with Lee Jun Ki”

1. [+4754, -187] It’s a good sunbae hoobae relationship, I don’t know about the editing but it was a win-win situation for both and I was touched by their conversation

2. [+3245, -193] Their chemistry was the best and It was healing for us

3. [+2419, -151] Red ginseng and Bany Bany were so good~~ I’m always cheering for them

4. [+1832, -131] I never imagined that Park Min-young will come out

5. [+527, -28] Lee Jun Ki was getting hate because of Candy in my Ear

6. [+517, -40] It was just a different view of a relationship between entertainers. The viewers thought it was some sort of drama-like and they thought it was real

7. [+507, -52] It was overly edited and the two actors were so good so the ripple was bigger. Thank you for telling us. I’m always cheering for actress Park Min-young. Actor Lee Jun Ki fighting ^^

8. [+466, -48] If it wasn’t for Lee Jun Ki’s scandal it would have been daebak…I also fell in love with Lee Jun Ki hereㅋ

9. [+389, -46] she gave a smart interview~^^