Seo In Guk get praised for his good acting in ‘The Smile Has Left Your Eyes’



Naver – My Daily: ‘Hundred Million Stars’ Seo In Guk is Seo In Guk

1.[+734, -78] He is really good at acting, I’m looking forward to more in the future

2.[+426, -37] His acting gives goosebumps…as expected, Seo In Guk doesn’t disappoint

3.[+273, -14] This drama is mysterious and fun

4.[+195, -14] He is good at acting and I enjoy watching it

5.[+194, -18] I’m always supporting Seo In Guk, fighting! His acting is so charming

6.[+78, -6] The drama is good but Seo In Guk has unknown charms and atmosphere! I fell for it~~~

7.[+71, -5] When the character changes, his face totally changes. How could he be this good at acting?

8.[+61, -4] Seriously I always get attracted to Seo In Guk’s characters and dramas, he is charming so I always keep watching him. He is really good at acting!

9.[+56, -5] Oh~ his eye acting is a masterpiece—————————————was he always this good? The emotions in his eyes are amazing…