Singer Kim Heung-Gook is accused of rape

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Naver – MBN: [Exclusive] Singer Kim Heung Gook suspected of raping an insurance agent

The victim ‘A’ used to work as an insurance agent two years ago, she got to know Mr. Kim by acquaintance. ‘A’ and Mr.Kim had dinner together where he forced her to drink till she lost conscious and when she woke up she was lying naked beside him. In a text message sent to her by Mr. Kim, it said: “I enjoyed drinking with you. I want to meet each other as friends where we get to help each other. Let everything down. The victim still doesn’t remember how or what happened before she woke up next to him. 
1.[+10839, -236] He’s gone crazy

2.[+8364, -291] Huh…It keeps popping up..

3.[+7126, -207] Hul? ㅡㅡ

4.[+4589, -278] Swallowtail. Fly away~~

5.[+2138, -118] This is the worst thing a person can do

6.[+2104, -217] I don’t think there is any woman who has never been sexually abused or harassed, Please let’s properly deal with sex offenders…Then they will get scared and they won’t ever do it again

7.[+1920, -136] It’s time to start, we have to get rid of all the horny trashes 

8.[+1627, -141] If this jerk comes out on any program I don’t watch it. He is a trashy criminal where he had a hit and run accident while he was drunk ㅉㅉ and now he commit sex crimes?

9.[+1577, -96] He is married, This is so dirty ㅠㅠ I feel sorry for his wife and daughter~

10.[+1409, -73] Singer Kim Heung-Gook’s president has to resign too

11.[+1271, -78] Kim Heung-Gook is over too

12.[+1409, -73] If you were raped 2 years ago, you shouldn’t use Me to movement but you should report him…