[Spoilers] Beautiful World (Pilot) + Rating

Naver – Sports Chosun: “There is no way he committed suicide” ‘Beautiful World’ Choo Ja Hyun & Park Hee Soon cry out in sorrow because of Nam Da Reum who fell

1.[+542, -27] I can feel it will become a masterpiece. The actors’ acting is so good especially Choo Ja Hyun and It’s filmed so prettily

2.[+269, -4] It seems like the reality of our country ㅠ My heart hurts so much

3.[+198, -11] The acting is so good, the content is about middle school students, It’s so sad and annoying that I can’t watch it. It was hard for me to watch after halfway through

4.[+78, -3] I watched it without any expectation and I totally fell for it, There’s also a mystery

5.[+73, -14] Ja Hyun-ssi, you did well, I will watch the broadcast tomorrow too. Fighting~~♥

6.[+44, -1] School violence is known only to those who are actually involved…A memory you can never forget…The bully doesn’t feel any remorse and lives well, but it becomes an unforgettable memory to
the victim until he dies. If it’s too serious, it can become a trauma and will try to commit suicide like the drama. The problem is that nothing changes when you talk about it. The bully will get, at best, a few hours of services or a few hours of education, only the victim end up dead.

7.[+39, -1] I think it’s a good drama to watch if you have children in middle school, but it’s so emotionally exhausting…It was hard to watch from episode 1…ㅜ ㅜ That means It’s such a great drama

8.[+35, -1] It’s a drama that reflects the reality really well. From covering up school violence to how guiltless the children are… It’s so realistic…

Naver – Heraldpop: ‘Beautiful World’ Choo Ja Hyun got shocked watching the video of Nam Da Reum getting bullied

1.[+379, -4] Seeing a video of your child being beating up like that, It must be so surprising and heartbreaking from a parent point of view. It’s such a difficult role to act and It consumes a lot of energy, Choo Ja Hyun’s acting is so good, It makes my heart hurt

2.[+308, -6] Ah I really get stressed watching this drama ㅠㅠ…It’s so painful to watch a content about school violence…It’s not that the drama is bad It’s just hard for me to watch ㅠㅠ

3.[+269, -4] It feels at a masterpiece level as Sky Castle

4.[+211, -0] That really happens in reality ㅜㅜ Is Joon Seok the bully? It’s disgusting how he pretends to be good…the adults who watch without doing anything are even more disgusting ㅠㅠ

5.[+119, -2] Choo Ja Hyun is so good at acting~~ The immersion is the best, I think It will hit daebak, the school rooftop’ tearful acting was daebak~♡♡♡

6.[+43, -0] My heart hurt so much while watching it…because this is happen in reality too…I really hope Sun Ho will wake up

7.[+38, -2] Is it too much to wish that this drama will eradicate school violence and become an opportunity to strengthen the juvenile law? It’s a scary world to raise a child in. I really want to live in a beautiful and peaceful world like the title…another well-made drama is born. I will keep watching the broadcast, I’m a fan of Choo Ja Hyun!

8.[+31, -1] If this happen to my child I will take revenge on the bully

9.[+15, -0] You can’t live as a nice person in this harsh world, you need to be tough if you want to win again the selfish

10.[+11, -0] It’s so scary and heartbreaking~ my heart hurt just to think that this could be happening somewhere now~

E01: 2.2%
E02: 2.9%