[Spoilers] Cross E07 + Rating

Naver – sports seoul: ‘Cross’ Ko Gyung Pyo was ridiculed by Heo Sung Tae

1. [+563, -5] Heo Sung Tae’s acting when he called Ko Gyung Pyo and laughed gave me goosebumps…The king of villain acting ㄷㄷ

2. [+495, -13] The vip client seems to be the chairman, Kang In-gyu’s father’s organs were given to the chairman’s daughter

3. [+347, -9] Who could be the vip client?…I’m curious, as expected it has the best story ㅠㅠ I was surprised when I saw Kim Hyung Bom’s face…

4. [+344, -7] Wa~~ Ko Gyung Pyo’s dream was creepy and scary!! Heo Sung Tae’s smile and face expressions gave me goosebumps

5. [+82, -1] This is Ko Gyung Pyo’s life work!!!

6. [+81, -1] If the chairman helped to kill Lee Gil Sung today and Son Yeon Hee figured that out she would be shocked

7. [+77, -1] Cross is so fun ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

8. [+72, -1] Today’s mvp is Ko Gyung Pyo ㅋㅋ

9. [+71, -4] I admit that this is the best drama ever~

10. [+66, -2] Lately, I enjoy watching Cross, Mother and Misty. These 3 dramas are really fun, The common point is that the leads are going through a tough time

11. [+64, -2] The vip seems to be someone with a high place in the hospital…

12. [+61, -2] Today was really upsetting, Kang In Kyu seems to be dying to take his revenge ㅠㅠ


Rating: 3.2%