[Spoilers] Doctor Prisoner E05-08 + Rating

Naver – Donga: “I’m the king”, ‘Doctor Prisoner’ Namgoong Min takes over Kim Byung Chul’s kingdom

1.[+1099, -24] Both male lead’s acting is so immersive

2.[+851, -44] It doesn’t feel like kbs…from directing to camera shots, everything is good^^ Namgoong Min, let’s get a daesang~

3.[+670, -18] When Kim Byung Chul smiled while giving him the shoot, he looked like a devil, I got goosebumps, His acting and pronunciation are good, you can hear his lines clearly

4.[+479, -31] As expected, It didn’t let me down, Namgoong Min has succeeded with his acting this time too…time flew by, the drama is daebak immersive

5.[+336, -18] It’s a daebak drama

6.[+216, -10] It would have been better if other actresses took on the roles of NaRa and Lee Da In…Compared to male actors, their acting is on another level

7.[+182, -18] Get rid of Kyeon Miri’s daughter (t/n: Lee Da In). It feels like she is saying her lines like a kid, she breaks the focus. How much is her mother backing her up?

8.[+158, -4] Namgoong Min, Kim Byung Chul and Choi Woo Young, these three are really good at acting, Choi Woo Young has already got rid of his Sky Castle image, his expressions are so details, I keep getting goosebumps

9.[+142, -4] I don’t know how many times I got goosebumps today because of Kim Byung Chul’s acting, In reality he is so innocent but he is so good at acting

Naver – Sports Seoul: “I will show you the power of the group” ‘Doctor Prisoner’ Kim Byung Chul starts his counterattack against Namgoong Min

1.[+1107, -33] Kim Jung Nan is famous for giving a good start~ After Sky Castle, she appears only for a while in this drama but her presence is so strong ㅋ The confrontation between Na Yi Je and Sun Min Sik is fun

2.[+972, -26] Kim Jung Nan is somehow a good person. I’m not sure yet, but I think she is a good person. Her character is a little strange…but It seems like Kim Jung Nan has breathed life into it. As expected, an actor should be good at acting

3.[+675, -9] Kim Byung Chul’s acting seems relaxed but his expressions are a top quality, I fell for him…Choi Won Young doesn’t have a lot of scenes but every time he appears, his acting is good and unforgettable ㅋ

4.[+610, -70] Who cast the female lead?…Everything is perfect except the female lead ㅠ

5.[+379, -26] The fight between them gives goosebumps and It’s fun. It’s thrilling, it leaves my palms sweaty, and the immersion is so good. Ah isn’t really so fun? The actors’ acting is no joke, I really want to see the making (behind the scenes)

6.[+261, -19] Other than Kim Jung Nan, all the other female actresses are a miscast ㅠㅠ

7.[+181, -5] Kim Jung Nan’s quality is enough…Does the female lead has to be young? I think charismatic veteran actresses are so cool…

8.[+134, -6] The male actors’ acting in this drama is too outstanding that makes the actors who aren’t that good look bad. That’s why the female lead stands out. They should’ve chosen someone who is good at acting in this genre, Nara just matches rom-coms better.

9.[+125, -2] There are a lot of good actresses, why did they choose
Kyeon Miri’s daughter?

E05-06: 12.1% | 13.9%
E07-08: 13% | 14.5%