[Spoilers] Heart Surgeons (Pilot) + Rating



Naver – Osen: “Real doctors” ‘Heart Surgeons’s first episode, Uhm Ki Joon couldn’t save Go Soo’s mother…Seo Ji Hye appeared 

1.[+1118, -48] Even under the mask Uhm Ki Joon’s acting is good and his way of delivering lines and expressions are overwhelming…

2.[+550, -69] Honestly, the script is far from being realistic and the production looks old…

3.[+444, -32] Uhm Ki Joon looks like a real doctor

4.[+387, -50] You didn’t do any research, It’s so boring, she went out while wearing the surgical gown and got back in again, what is this? did you even ask a doctor before writing the script?

5.[+261, -39] Wow the time passed fast ㄷㄷ the immersion is good

6.[+99, -9] Go Soo is really good at acting but because he is so handsome he never got a proper evaluation, but while watching ‘Heart Surgeons’, as expected his acting is really good

7.[+65, -4] Even in “The Fortress” Go Soo wasn’t push aside by Kim Yoon Seok or Lee Byung Hun, He is a good actor, is there anyone like Go Soo with that acting and that face? Anyways, every time Go Soo acts well he gets revaluation

8.[+57, -2] I watched it while feeling nervous. everyone is good at acting, It has the best immersion. It’s fun. I cheer for you

9.[+54, -2] I support Go Soo and Uhm Ki Joon’s bromance

10.[+56, -5] Uhm Ki Joon is really good at acting

11.[+47, -0]  Approved of the actors. The directing and script not much

12.[+52, -8] I really watched it and trusted in Uhm Ki Joon’s acting…


E01-02: 6.9% | 7.5%

E03-04: 6.2% | 6.5%