[Spoilers] Introverted Boss (Finale) + Rating

Naver – Xports News: ‘Introverted Boss’ Yeon Woo Jin♥Park Hye Soo, Happy Ending for Hwan Ki&Ro Woon

1. [+791, -18] I don’t know about other things, But if you have any conscience, give Yeon Woo Jin a reward vacation. Thanks to Yeon Woo Jin i could have made it to the end.

2. [+636, -18] A drama that left only Yeon Woo Jin’s acting ability…It’s really pity, only if the production was a litter better ㅠㅠ  Especially last episode, it was only kissing scenes…

3. [+459, -14] Thanks to Yeon Woo Jin it was a litte fun

4. [+408, -11] The start was really good but then Yeon Woo Jin hard carried

5. [+143, -5] What a waste of actors, they didn’t have anything for the end so all they did was kissing scenes ㅋㅋㅋ Yeon Woo Jin please choose a good project next time…

6. [+77, -5] Write Kim Eun Sook, let’s make a Rom-Com with Yeon Woo Jin

7. [+69, -3] Yeon Woo Jin was cool!!

8. [+80, -9] Yeon Woo Jin did everything

9. [+53, -1] A drama made for only fans to watch, even if it’s Rom-Com it’s really hard to watch it

10. [+49, -2] Yeon Woo Jin is Very Handsome♡♡♡

Rating: 1.8%