[Spoilers] Let’s Hold Hands And Watch The Sunset (Pilot) + Rating

Naver – tv Report: ‘Let’s hold hands tightly’s first broadcast, Han Hye Jin has a brain tumor…Yu In Young approaches Yoon Sang Hyun
1.[+3576, -76] Why does Yu In Young always plays roles of one sided love and try to steal the man…She is good enough

2.[+1553, -114] Han Hye Jin is pretty and Yu In Young looks like a doll

3.[+659, -95] I watched it in a hurry and It was fun ^^

4.[+589, -132] Wow…daebak smell

5.[+565, -113] The drama is a lot more fun than I thought

6.[+214, -22] Yoon Sang Hyun is a miss cast. His voice and tone are not so good. He has a light voice and an acute tone, this role doesn’t suit him and he breaks the mood. You should have cast an actor that suit this mood

7.[+199, -62] Unchanging expression, unchanging pronunciation…unchanging performance

8.[+132, -18] Why doesn’t Kim Tae Hoon has a bad temper as a doctor. But he is cool

9.[+128, -36] Sang Hyun looks a lot older

10.[+109, -18] Kim Tae Hoon ㅜㅜ Protect Han Hye Jin!!!

11.[+120, -39] Yu In Young only plays this type of roles. Her tongue is short and her pronunciation is inaccurate

12.[+92, -33] Will the female lead fall in love with the doctor?


Rating: 2.1% | 3.4%