[Spoilers] Marry Me Now? (Pilot) + Rating

Naver – sports.chosun: ‘Divorce’…’Marry Me Now’s first broadcast, Han Ji Hye declares divorce from Hwang Dongju for her daughter
1.[+2757, -182] Han Ji Hye’s voice is half air, half sound;;; her acting is a little…

2.[+1654, -131] Hwang Dongju-ssi is a divorce specialist ㅎㅎㅎ

3.[+1465, -86] Unlike the roles he played before, Sang Woo comes out as a cynical character ㅋㅋ He is charming!

4.[+1046, -91] I wondered if it has the samewriter as boring ‘House Of Bluebrid’ and as expected it’s true…

5.[+818, -64] Han Ji Hye’s acting is still the same, It’s surprising how she keeps getting the lead

6.[+747, -54] Han Ji Hye has the same acting. Her voice tone is so forced 

7.[+736, -50] Han Ji Hye’s acting is so awkward~ Overall, the story is all over the top. Writer-nim, please make more effort

8.[+724, -64] Han Ji Hye thinks she is a very high-quality actress, It’s obvious from her acting…

9.[+670, -22] Is he a chaebol, Isn’t the parents story too cliche??? The drama material doesn’t change

10.[+678, -51] Han Ji Hye’s acting and tone are overdone

11.[+486, -38] Han Ji Hye should reflect on her foot acting

12.[+466, -31] Han Ji Hye’s acting is so overdone and awkward

13.[+665, -248] Bring back ‘My Golden Life’ ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


Rating: 23.3%