[Spoilers] Misty E02 + Rating

Naver – sports chosun: ‘Mistry’ Kim Nam Joo, caught Go Joon and Jin Ki Joo…’Trap’ succeeded 

1. [+3213, -166] Han Ji Won is so miss cast ㅠ

2. [+2766, -69] I wish you would have cast a strong actress for Han Ji Won…She looks like a spoiled child ㅋㅋㅋ ㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+2475, -69] Kim Nam Joo “You shouldn’t go after another person’s husband…” Writer-nim please increase Ji Jin Hee lines, they are so short

4. [+1557, -86] Go Joon is so sexy and charming, It’s fun and Nam Joo is the best

5. [+1340, -59] It’s fun and it has unconventional characters, the scenario is interesting and fun…Kim Nam Joo is good at acting!

6. [+750, -25] You should have spent a little more time to cast Han Ji Won~~ She looks like an innocent kid with her looks…It’s not like she can’t act it just the character doesn’t match her face~~

7. [+605, -10] Kevin Lee is not good either. Can’t you stop the girl?

8. [+577, -20] As expected, sexiness comes from aging….

9. [+563, -6] Isn’t the story that her husband Kang Tae Wook defends her?! Kang Tae Wook is deeply in love with his wife, you can feel that he miss her. Ji Jin Hee makes it look sad

10. [+686, -39] Wouldn’t Kevin Lee kill his wife?

11. [+503, -16] It’s getting more fun!!!!

12. [+459, -19] Han Ji Won casting is bad

Rating: 5.1%