[Spoilers] Misty E04 + Rating

Naver – Osen: ‘Misty’ Go Joon, Provoke Ji Jin Hee “I was pushed by a man who has a good job”

1. [+1849, -33] …His wife knows everything, that’s why she killed him

2. [+1706, -52] Misty is a good drama to watch. It has a deep story, characters and acting. It’s a well-made drama that I truly fall for

3. [+1664, -64] I now understand that without Kim Nam Joo this won’t work~ She match so well with Ji Jin Hee, It’s getting more fun. After finishing Money Flower I thought there won’t be anything to watch but Misty is totally daebak, also Lee Seung Chul’s ost is so good~

4. [+1575, -25] He doesn’t only have a good job but a good family background and he is a good man~ Please forget the girl who doesn’t like you! You keep following her only to do some skinship, doesn’t that make you a stalker?

5. [+995, -44] Even the background music is so good!!!

6. [+589, -8] Kevin Lee is completely selfish…What marriage and sexual attraction are you talking about?…If you are that confident, you should let your wife do the same thing…He is dead and I’m curious about the killer but first I want to know if he had a good death ㅋㅋ

7. [+578, -7] They dated for a year and 2 months. If Go Hye Ran kept meeting him instead of Kang Tae Wook, her path would have been blocked. It was a good idea to have a successful life. What did Go Hye Ran do to have all this ambitious…

8. [+499, -8] Ji Jin Hee…Just looking at him, he looks like a painting

9. [+404, -9] The drama itself is fun but the guy who is threatening his ex-girlfriend is really petty. ㅡㅡ 

10. [+364, -4] Today was really good. It’s so fun, Ji Jin Hee is so cool, his crying scenes were depressing

Daum – Newsen: ‘Misty’ Kim Nam Joo, becomes a suspect of murder “I didn’t do it”

1. [+562, -13] The wife is the killer…She know he cheated on her…

2. [+404, -12] Eun Jo is the killer…

3. [+301, -10] The killer is Go Hye Ran’s brother. He caused an accident on purpose so he can get out of prison and help his sister…But I think her brother have covered her sins, you can see that from their conversation. Her mother said that she knows her secret. So her brother killed the golf player after his release

4. [+261, -1] Kevin Lee’s character is petty and bad..While dating you can get dumped or dump, if you have succeeded as a golf player that’s just good, why are you acting like this?…You are being petty

5. [+221, -1] After Eun Jo knew the story and killing her husband she wanted to make Hye Ran the culprit. From the wife’s point view, I can understand her. Kevin Lee is  garbage

6. [+220, -4] But why does he keep on meeting and sleeping with Han Ji Won???

7. [+176, -6] Ah…Ji Jin Hee is pitiful…

8. [+174, -26] Kim Nam Joo is really good at acting~


Rating: 4.8%