[Spoilers] Misty E06 + Rating

Naver – xports news: ‘Misty’ Jeon Hye Jin, warns Kim Nam Joo “I will pay you back”

1. [+1230, -33] Jeon Hye Jin can act feelings really well…Seems like Eun Joo knows what happened to Go Hye Ran in the past…I’m excited to see how will Eun Joo take her revenge..

2. [+943, -66] I knew Kang Tae Wook will believe in her but I didn’t expect it would flow like this. I understand Eun Joo’s shock. Hye Ran is suffering alone without a sin. How could life be this hard

3. [+874, -86] I want to take Go Hye Ran out of this suffer…

4. [+729, -44] Today Go Hye Ran and Kang Tae Wook’s kiss did everything!!!!! I’m curious about Im Tae Kyung’s role and Go Hye Ran’s past too ㅜㅜ I feel like there is a story ㅜㅜ Eun Joo please don’t be evil ㅜㅜ Please quickly solve this misunderstanding and help Hye Ran ㅜㅜㅜ

5. [+589, -41] Even though Go Hye Ran’s husband decided to be by her side, they are really surrounded by enemies everywhere

6. [+384, -17] Go Hye Ran is cool but she is not a good person…Smart, ambitions and she is the straightforward type…She let go of the man she loved to marry someone with a good background, she miscarriage her child, she deceived her junior and took pictures of her with Kevin Lee, on top of that, her kiss with Kevin Lee in the car wasn’t forced…She doesn’t feel sorry for Eun Joo even a little bit. However, Ji Jin Hee’s behavior is more suspicious

7. [+324, -29] What revenge is Eun Joo taking while her husband was garbage!!

8. [+304, -14] It seems like Kim Nam Joo was molested in the past ㅇㅇSo that’s why her mother wanted her to live like a flower and her belief in justice society…

9. [+267, -8] Im Tae Kyung protected Go Hye Ran by killing

10. [+248, -16] Ji Jin Hee’s more suspicious than Kevin Lee’s wife, why is he doing all that to help her

11. [+214, -7] Wa Ji Jin Hee’s kissing scene! It has a different class from Go Joon’s. Anyways, how could this drama gets more fun while trying to find out the killer ㅠㅠ


Rating: 7.1%