[Spoilers!!!!!!] Misty (Finale) + Rating

Naver – heraldpop: ‘Misty’ Finale, Ji Jin Hee left Kim Nam Joo and commit suicide ‘A shocking ending’
1.[+8562, -252] The drama was a masterpiece till episode 14 but how can you ruin it in only 2 episodes?

2.[+5902, -144] Kang Tae Wook is in a self driving car. He is not dead

3.[+5640, -139] Writer, since you have end it like this…..are you happy?

4.[+5112, -150] The director Jang, Go Hye Ran and Attorney Kang hide the truth and the write made a trash ending. I enjoyed watching it all along, It was fun

5.[+4815, -119] It’s totally a High-Kick level ending, what is this?

6.[+2436, -31] It’s impossible for Ji Jin Hee to do that

7.[+2238, -75] It would have been better if it ended with Eun Joo being the killer, Ha Myung Woo knows that Hye Ran is happy so he decides to leave and Kang Tae Wook and Hye Ran live happily together and then it ends with “This is Go Hye Ran from News Nine”, that would have been cool. Writer-nim, this is not a sad ending but this is a total crisis ㅋㅋㄱ

8.[+2137, -29] What is Ha Myung Woo’s life?

9.[+1789, -41] Eun Jo listened to that song in her room while knowing the truth, what Go Hye Ran’s mother said to her, Kang Tae Wook suspecting Kim Nam Joo, how will you explain all of this writer!!! 

10.[+1625, -103] It was the story of three men that got destroyed because of Go Hye Ran ㅠ

11.[+1357, -24] If Kang Tae Wook dies, what will make Ha Myung Woo then?

12.[+1146, -27] It’s a really annoying ending, It would have been better if you ended it with Eun Joo being the killer ㅡㅡ Ji Jin Hee has died and Ha Myung Woo took all the blame, ah what is this? doesn’t Ha Myung Woo have a life? what a crazy person

Daum – mtstar: ‘Misty’ Ji Jin Hee left Kim Nam Joo and died…”Are you happy?”
1.[+1795, -145] The ending is High-Kick level…Didn’t Go Hye Ran end two men’s lives? What is the difference between this and Shin Se Kyung and Choi Daniel’s ending?

2.[+986, -22] Only Kim Nam Joo’s fashion remains 

3.[+5640, -139] It’s annoying. Either you saved Ji Jin Hee or didn’t send Ha Myung Ho to prison

4.[+860, -15] The drama eventually became sh*t…

5.[+842, -16] The ending is trash 

6.[+852, -50] Are you happy?! One woman broke three men’s lives. This is seriously the worst. My mood has become worse because of the ending

7.[+705, -19] I’m speechless…When I first watched it I guessed that Ji Jin Hee killed him… But why was it so ridiculous…the writer is a mystery…

8.[+569, -12] The ending is unbelievable 

9.[+592, -10] The worst ending ever. Only one remains…

10.[+452, -8] The writer is crazy and I’m crazy


Rating: 8.4%