[Spoilers] One Spring Night (Pilot) + Rating

Naver – Osen: ‘One Spring Night’ first episode Han Jimin X Jung Hae In met again at the basketball court on snowy day…Will it become love?

(t/n: PNWBMF = Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food)

1.[+2799, -230] It’s okay if you cast a good actor again…the female lead, the mother, the sister, the friend, they all look similar that I can’t concentrate…ㅠㅠ Should I say it’s because of the drama coloring…It’s so similar, even Han Jimin looks like Son Ye Jin..

2.[+1302, -248] I thought my heart would explode when they looked at each other in the basketball court ㅜㅜ It was totally heart fluttering

3.[+769, -143] Ah it’s really crazy, when they looked at each other in the basketball court, it was so crazy

4.[+884, -371] I thought It would be similar to PNWBMF but It’s totally different

5.[+606, -106] It’s more fun because they were straightforward from the beginning ㅎㅎ a straightforward man & woman ㅋㅋ

6.[+335, -46] It’s seems a little loose but there is no boredom, seeing Han Ji Min’s character it seems like it matches her well than Son Ye Jin’s previous role. No acting hole, the directing and background music were good…

7.[+279, -32] It’s like the version after Son Ye Jin had a baby and run away ㅋㅋ

8.[+224, -10] Ah…why didn’t I have this heart fluttering but got married and had 2 kids…sigh…

9.[+202, -16] Han Jimin laying on bed while looking at her phone and thinking, Jung Hae In in the pharmacy holding the cup and thinking alone, the background music was also good, that scene was much better than any scene with dialogues, It’s not like it doesn’t have PNWBMF vibes but I like this content so much

10.[+258, -84] I didn’t watch PNWBMF but now I understand why people were going crazy over Jung Hae In…the basketball court scene…what are they going to do?…

11.[+242, -87] It only has the same vibes as PNWBMF but the content is different!!! The first episode was fun ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

12.[+172, -20] He is unexpectedly straightforward…I’m curious about Ji Ho

Rating: 3.9% | 6%