[Spoilers] Prison Playbook (Finale) + Rating

Naver – tv Report: ‘Prison Playbook’ Choi Moo Sung, parole discharge “frustration”

1. [+923, -14] Officer Paeng was so warm today

2. [+708, -9] haerongie’s slap was so funny hahaha

3. [+492, -26] This is fun

4. [+412, -6] Aigoo…Min Cheol what are you going to do…

5. [+384, -7] I was sad but i laughed because of haerongie’s slap hahaha

6. [+209, -6] This is not it, why are you making Han Yang like this, give him a little of hope

7. [+199, -4] How can the police induce drugs, this is unbelievable

8. [+189, -1] I understand the meaning…the family…the mother…are too much

9. [+189, -4] Do you hate haerongie??? I’m sick of this !!! He couldn’t handle seeing that so he took drugs again!!!! Aahh haerong-ah !!!!

Naver – sports chosun: “A brilliant future vs Prison”…the ending of ‘Prison Playbook’ is full of reality

1. [+2270, -29] Jung Kyoung Ho really supported him a lot, he is good at acting

2. [+1900, -28] I always thought Jung Kyoung Ho-nim is good at acting but this time he was cooler! I was impressed with the last scene!

3. [+1401, -17] Mullae-dong, Kaist, Haerong and the other actors were very good at acting!

4. [+1112, -111] It would have been better if Haerong did well ㅠ

5. [+811, -23] I had fun watching the best fun 16 episodes

6. [+237, -6] At the end, Jung Kyoung Ho was scary as a cold-hearted prison guard. His acting is the best

7. [+221, -2] All the cameo, supporting and starting actors are crazy good at acting. This is the first time i watch a drama like this

8. [+191, -1] I hope I could see haerong and kaist in dramas more often

9. [+180, -5] There were so many feelings and impressions, It was a great drama! I cried so much with Sergeant Park’s mother ㅠㅠ

10. [+164, -5] At the end, Jung Kyoung Ho was cool~

E15: 10.5%
E16: 11.2%