[Spoilers] Return E13-14 + Rating

Naver – xports news: ‘Return’ Ko Hyun Jung, brings Oh Dae Hwan as a suspect…Mentions the case from 10 years ago

1. [+1651, -87] This is how it got developed but you will replace the female lead? If the crew doesn’t like something do they change everything ㅋㅋ The production team out!

2. [+1196, -98] I won’t watch it if Ko Hyun Jung doesn’t come out…ㅠ

3. [+654, -31] PD-ah, so you are saying that overnight without a reason Ko Hyun Jung assaulted you? There must be a reason? You don’t know the reason, you didn’t ask ‘why’ did she assault you then how did you accept the assault? Don’t you think there is a problem with you too? I don’t understand why don’t you go through the details of the situation rather than going around

4. [+621, -21] As expected she wasn’t the detective Dong Bae’s sister but Kim Jung soos’…but there may be something tangled

5. [+433, -30] The development is exciting…Who could be the real Yeom Mi Jung’s killer?

6. [+250, -9] No wonder Ko Hyun Jung’s pronunciation and condition were not good, today her character was alive what are you going to do? Is there a replaceable character?

7. [+250, -21] Bring Ko Hyun Jung back…It’s not fun without her…No matter what was the reason, no one match being in Ko Hyun Jung’s place

8. [+203, -8] We need explenation for why did she hit him, why did she curse and why was she angry. I don’t think she hit him without a reason

9. [+174, -1] I thought she didn’t want to finish because she was angry but the PD told her so~ You didn’t say the reason why you got hit, this is shameful

10. [+174, -1] I watched it for the first time today and it was fun, what’s the fuss about the female lead ㅜㅜㅜ If Ko Hyun Jung will get off the drama, will they change the lawyer???? ridiculous ㅜ

11. [+140, -5] Ko Hyun Jung’s role is not big, even if she got killed by the avengers (the 4 friends) it won’t look awkward, she is an extra ㅋ Ko Hyun Jung did only the publicity ㅋ

12. [+142, -12] Today, Ko Hyun Jung did everything

13. [+119, -10] Today, Ko Hyun Jung daebak ᆢ It was refreshing ᆢ Yoohoo~~~


E09-10: 14.4% | 17.4%