[Spoilers] Should We Kiss First E05-06 + Rating

Naver – Star: ‘Kiss First’ Kim Sun Ah said to Kam Woo Sung “Do you want to sleep together?”

1. [+2126, -49] The last minute epilogue ‘Something he cherished but she forgot’ was so sad, even though we did hear what he said to her I could feel it ㅜ It’s funny and fun but also sad and painful drama.

2. [+1843, -46] Kam Woo Sung seems to have aged coolly

3. [+1672, -55] This drama is so fun ㅎㅎ

4. [+1283, -53] Let’s live for today

5. [+542, -12] Was Kam Woo Sung always this cool actor? Even his gray hair is sexy

6. [+482, -4] How can Kam Woo Sung come out after all this time and still be heart fluttering? What about his stare~ It’s a fun, painful and magical drama. I like Kam Woo Sung and Kim Sun Ah’s chemistry so much. Looking forward to tomorrow!!

7. [+459, -6] Kim Sun Ah has a charming expression ㅋㅋ The main actors are so good at acting and it’s fun..ㅋ

8. [+434, -10] It’s so fun ㅜ They are going straightforward with no frustrations, Kim Sun Ah and Kam Woo Sung’s past is so sad ㅜ This drama is the best

9. [+408, -7] This drama is strangely sexy and elegant

10. [+397, -7] When they show the story from 6 years ago, it just broke my heart…

11. [+378, -6] It’s been a long time seen I watched a watchable drama

12. [+364, -5] I keep crying and laughing…It’s so sad…the sorrow and loneliness of the last scene where she attempted suicide made me cry again…It’s a very good drama…


Rating: 9.7% | 11.8%