[Spoilers] Suits E02-03 + Rating

Naver – sports chosun: “The coexistence of contrast”… The reason to cheer for ‘Suits’s fake lawyer Park Hyung Sik
1.[+419, -30] Park Hyung Sik matches well with the cast

2.[+183, -10] Park Hyung Sik seems to be doing well in any role. He memorized all those difficult lines, I will keep on cheering for him

3.[+114, -11] Go Yeon Woo seems to be a difficult character to play. I’m cheering for Park Hyung Sik

4.[+107, -8] Thank you so much for making Park Hyung Sik plays Go Yeon Woo. He really looks like a genius and a great grandson, he has a good chemistry with the grandmother and his acting is so good

5.[+62, -6] It becomes fun only when Go Yeon Woo appears~ Go Yeon Woo fighting^^

6.[+57, -5] Seriously when I look at Park Hyung Sik, he is so charming and good at acting, when he acts with the grandmother It’s pretty to the point it makes me want to cry, when he acts with Jang Dong Gun he looks so cute and the combination is no joke. Suits thank you for making meet such an actor

7.[+51, -3] It’s really not an easy character but he is acting it so well. Park Hyung Sik has acted in various roles but Go Yeon Woo seems to be the most difficult one. But he is doing a good job and anyone who sees it will think he is Go Yeon Woo. I want to hug him, Go Yeon Woo Fighting! Park Hyung Sik Fighting! 

8.[+44, -6] I watched it as a fan of the original work, even though they can’t follow the original one as long as they don’t ruin the remake I will be fine. This is the first time I watch Park Hyung Sik’s drama and he is good at acting and handsome

Naver – Osen: ‘Suits’ Park Hyung Sik was exposed of being a fake lawyer because of Bewhy 
1.[+916, -45] Park Hyung Sik and Bewhy have an unexpected good chemistry ㅋㅋㅋ 

2.[+411, -75] No matter how much I look at Go Yeon Woo I think only Park Hyung Sik can pull it off. The more it goes, the more Yeon Woo gets flexible instincts, gets cuter and has a refreshing charms. I think It’s like a character I want to protect no matter what. I don’t see many actors in their 20s doing this kind of role.

3.[+234, -31] Hyung Sik’s acting is so good

4.[+129, -11] It’s so fun

5.[+99, -16] It’s getting more and more exciting ㅡㅡ

6.[+78, -3] I thought Park Hyung Sik was only good at singing but it turns out he is also good at rapping, He matched well with Bewhy. He is so stunning ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Go Yeon Woo is so good

7.[+62, -1] Today was immersive and fun, even when Park Hyung Sik and Bewhy came out it was fun ㅋㅋ Bewhy wasn’t awkward as I thought he will be ㅋ 

8.[+55, -5] Park Hyung Sik is good at rapping too, there is nothing he can’t do. His chemistry with Jang Dong Gun is so good

9.[+48, -6] Episode 3 was so fun, Park Hyung Sik’s so naturally good at acting and he is handsome, He has everything ㅜㅜ

10.[+39, -2] I didn’t know the time passed!!! Actor Park Hyung Sik is healing^^ I’m cheering for Suits^^


E02: 7.4%
E03: 9.7%