[Spoilers] The Crowned Clown E07-08 + Rating

Naver – Star Mt: ‘The Crowned Clown’ Tyrant Yeo Jin Goo returns to the palace…Clown Yeo Jin Goo is about to die

1.[+3069 -51] Yeo Jin Goo is really post-Lee Byung Hun as an actor…He is different from actors who are in their 20s

2.[+2329, -28] They are the same person but they don’t look the same, Yeo Jin Goo’s impact is amazing as 1 person 2 roles~ All I can say is that he is amazing…Yeo Jin Goo who is great at acting is really cool

3.[+1666, -26] How can the king and the fake king be this different. Yeo Jin Goo’s class is seriously different. Thanks to him, I can immerse well…The development is different from the movie so I’m curious about what will happen next…

4.[+919, -24] Let’s go with a different ending from the movie and kill the king

5.[+343, -5] It wasn’t like this when I watched the movie but while watching the drama I want Ha Sun to be the king quickly. I cheer for him to be the king. When I watched the king’s return, Yeo Jin Goo’s acting was so good~~

6.[+319, -12] How can Yeo Jin Goo who is 20 years old erase the good acting of Lee Byung Hun who is 50 years old~~~ I felt sad after Boyfriend ended and Sky Castle is ending…Thankfully I found The Crowned Clown^^

7.[+286, -3] Yeo Jin Goo’s acting is daebak, I’m in awe every time I watch it…I’m speechless with the way he acts at that age

8.[+238, -2] Born to be an actor…This acting can’t be achieved by practice…Like Ha Sun said ‘He was born with it’ ㅋ

Naver – Osen: ‘The Crowned Clown’ Kim Sang Kyung poisoned the real king Yeo Jin Goo for Clown Yeo Jin Goo’s sake…A Shocking development

1.[+5053, -47] Yeo Jin Goo’s acting is crazy. In this scene, I don’t think Yeo Jin Goo was acting but It was Lee Hun himself. His whole body was trembling, his voice, his gaze…wow…I watched it while holding my breath.

2.[+4050 -44] Obviously, The real king is a psycho but he seemed pitiful too, probably because I’m seeing it from the Chief Royal Security’s point of view…Since he was a child people were calling him illegitimate child, He felt guilty for killing his mother and little brother that’s why he started hallucinating and got addicted to drugs, In the end he became crazy, and he was also ignored by the woman he loved, everyone around him were his enemy, he was so insecure and lived all his life like he was being chased…Even while he was dying, he was afraid of being abandoned, he was trembling in fear of being alone but the Chief Royal Security stayed by his side till the end, He died next to the beach he loved, maybe his death doesn’t mean death but freedom

3.[+2984, -34] Just the sound of the waves and Ji Goo’s acting…the last scene felt like sending off another actor. Yeo Jin Goo’s amazing

4.[+1878, -29] Yeo Jin Goo is really good at acting…the more I watch it the more I get goosebumps…

5.[+1524, -27] Why is Yeo Jin Goo this good at acting??

6.[+1000, -4] Everyone is praising Yeo Jin Goo’s acting but in the meantime the Chief Royal Security is really good too…Every time he looks at the crazy king, his eyes are full of pitiful tears…I can only get immersed when people who are really good at acting do it

7.[+608, -5] Ah Actor Kim Sang Kyung’s tears…Isn’t his acting crazy ㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

8.[+551, -4] ㅠㅠ It was really sad whenever Jin Goo talked…I wish you were my father

9.[+524, -4] I will remember the beach scene for a long time…I cried with the Chief Royal Security when he bowed

10.[+329, -2] Yeo Jin Goo’s acting is crazy…Kim Sang Kyung’s acting is daebak too…I look forward to how things will develop…


E07: 8.4%
E08: 9.5%