[Spoilers] The Fiery Priest E34-36 + Rating

Naver – Sports Chosun: ‘The Fiery Priest’ Kim Nam Gil in order to save Lee Honey, he got stuck in the safe

1.[+2189, -21] Today’s diarrhea was daebek fun…I laughed so much…Also, you shouldn’t be doing this…last 2 shots…Go Joon was so cool. Even though he is a villain, he is attractive. It’s a different charm from Kim Nam Gil…

2.[+1329, -14] Tomorrow Father tsunami x Hwang Chul Bum (feat. leather jacket), the best combination. Priest is breaking records everytime…♡

3.[+1016, -65] Hwang Chul Bum was cooler than Father Tsunami today…I have a debt to payback…wow…

4.[+594, -11] Legendary Diarrhea

5.[+424, -4] Lee Moon Sik will come out from the underground tunnel ㅋㅋ

6.[+416, -4] I hope Hwang Chul Bum is not the one who killed Father Lee Young Joon, I hope he becomes on the same side as Father Kim, their action was so cool, when they fought the killing machines 2:2 I got goosebumps

7.[+178, -6] Hwang Chul Bum is so cool~~ His acting is stunning^^

8.[+235, -10] Father Kim Hae Ill’s humanity? made everyone stuck in the safe? ㅋㅋ However Kozayev and Uhta~~ they did well. As expected today was fun too, I don’t even want to imagine fridays & saturdays without The Fiery Priest. Please let’s go with a second season~~~

9.[+229, -5] This is the first time I laugh this much while watching a drama, I hope tomorrow will come fast

10.[+215, -12] Chul Bum is a villain but why do I like himㅜㅜ??

Naver – Sports Seoul: ‘The Fiery Priest’ Go Joon join hands with Kim Nam Gil→Jeon Sung Woo was hit on the head ‘Fainted’

1.[+2047, -27] Why did you kill the priest? that’s really cruel. Please save him

2.[+1780, -24] You shouldn’t have touched Father Han…this is not right…even if the father took down all the bad guys, It won’t be a happy ending without Father Han…Writer-nim, make Father Han wake up and go with a happy ending^^…(Please)

3.[+1648, -23]…I know this a setting for Father Kim’s awakening but the death of Father Han was so cruel…I look forward to Kim Nam Gil’s awakening but Father Han died in such a pitiful way…

4.[+1072, -11] Please don’t kill Father Han ㅠㅠ Lee Joong Kwon, you son of a…

5.[+553, -16] I don’t think this will happen but I hope Father Han turn out to be acting…Please save him ㅠㅠ

6.[+318, -25] I was watching it to relieve stress but now I getting stressed. Did you really had to develop the story cruelly? I’m afraid that bad guys will learn from this after watching it

7.[+252, -3] I laughed so much because of Ryong but the young priest at the end~ ㅠㅠ I zoned out because I was horrified…but who did they see in the cctv that they were so surprised? ~~ It’s sad that I have to wait till next week

8.[+240, -16] Originally, the drama was lacking development but I still enjoyed watching it but isn’t Father Han’s death a low move…If the four murderers had escaped, the whole nation would have saw it on the news, It does not make sense that it wasn’t on the new, and it does not make sense that the police didn’t know about it, aren’t you forcing hardships by killing someone, writer-nim?

9.[+218, -5] Okay let’s go with fainting but not death ㅠㅠ

10.[+210, -10] Father Han will survive after staying in the ICU, right? ᆢ I’m watching it with my kids, my son is crying ᆢIt’s upsetting

E33-34: 16.2% | 20.3%
E35-36: 17.2% | 20%