The standard of beauty has changed

Naver – Osen: Kim Go Eun · Park So Dam · Han Ye-ri, The standard of beauty has changed!

1. [+11586, -198] There are other fresh actress got to change the standard of beauty. I wish we could break down the standardized social atmosphere.

2. [+6394, -976] I can not assure you that the standard of beauty has changed, but it seems to me that the actress are just getting more attention. Especially, Kim Go Eun! Just by looking at her i feel happy

3. [+7565, -1505] When Kim Go Eun smiles, she really looks pretty and i just start smiling with her

4. [+3692, -517] The three of them are full of charms~~ I also like all their acting^^ I hope you will demonstrate your artistic skills in various fields~~~^^ I hope Actress Kim Go Eun choose her next work soon~ I also wish Park So Dam goes to a good agency~~

5. [+4935, -969] The more i look at Kim Go Eun, the more i find her attractive. It’s good to see a natural face like hers. Comeback quickly with another work.

6. [+1096, -46] The standard of beauty is still intact and the width of charm is broadened

7. [+1100, -80] It didn’t change ㅋㅋ

8. [+940, -48] If you want to look beautiful, you should have a small face and your nose and skin should look pretty.

9. [+1115, -108] Still, Kim Tae Hee and Song Hye Kyo are the prettiest

10. [+813, -69] The standard of beauty has not changed, it has diversified~ We don’t call these people a beauty. The standards of a typical beauty like Audrey Hepburn didn’t change