Webdrama Dating Class Review

Dating Class is a webdrama that follows the lives of 6 people who happen to take a literal dating class, which is actually based on a real life university class. During this class, they’re given assignments that are done in pairs, and that’s how the characters get to know each others.

We have Eunsol and Jiyoung, who are besties and roomates. Although their friendship isn’t given much background, they show a lovely chemistry and it’s heartwarming to see how they’re really playful and supportive with each other.

Eunsol has a storyline that turns out to be very intriguing: her personality is bubbly and she seems to get along well with everyone, but as she gets involved with Surok, who’s one of her class partners, Eunsol shows a more vulnerable side of herself. Although it was handled in a light way, Surok harassed her, and it’s so important to see how her friends and her teacher support her, making sure she realizes she didn’t do anything wrong and that Surok should apologize (and thankfully, he did). Chuu’s acting in this was surprisingly well done, because her character’s personality is very similar to her own, but she did an incredible job showing her darker emotions.

Jiyoung, on the other hand, goes through a sudden breakup but then gets to know Yunsu. Their personalities match really well and they have the sweetest chemistry, getting comfortable with each other as friends and then falling in love with one another in such a healthy relationship. I loved watching their talks, It was so spontaneous, how they really loved spending time together and the way they learned to admire each other’s qualities. And although they ended the series on good terms, we never got to see them being an actual couple which makes me kinda sad but I still loved every scene of them.

Juwon is Hajun’s ex, and she seems to be sort of coldhearted in the beginning, having a very different personality from Hajun who’s always positive and bright, but getting to know her more makes her more understandable, especially as to why she wanted to end her relationship. I loved both characters separately but didn’t really see much chemistry between them, and although it was nice seeing them peacefully sort out their issues through an honest talk, I didn’t like the fact that they got back together.

And last but not least, there’s Taejin, who’s super intimidating but seems to have a good chemistry with Juwon, but they don’t really develop a relationship and the major plot twist behind it is he has feelings for another guy. The revelation is quite heartbreaking as it’s an unrequited love, but it’s so great to see LGBT representation in a way that didn’t seem forced at all; it all happened so naturally as Taejin seemed like a mysterious guy but seeing his storyline, including a brief look into the relationship with his dad – who’s the dating class teacher – was so heartwarming.

Overall, this drama was incredible at portraying youth and its meaningful relationships and I really hope there will be a second season!

My rating:

Acting: 8.5/10
Story: 9/10
Overall: 9.5/10

Written by: @llovewhisper

You can watch the drama with eng subs: Here